Pain-Warriors – the movie -to be released May 25th – pre-order now from Amazon


Pain Warriors

I just finished previewing- the long awaited and soon to be released ( May 25th)  film (pain-warriors) by Tina Petrova & Eugene Weis

It is abt 80 minutes long and I normally – because of my ADD/ADHD – have trouble sitting and focusing on something that long – but I remained transfixed until the end.

This is a new perspective on the war on pts, caregivers and prescribers.

From a grader schooler dealing with chemo for 4 years to be cured to be left with lingering chronic pain.

To a empathetic prescriber who ends up being the target of the state medical board and DEA for treating chronic pain pts and ends up practicing medicine in a totally different path.

Unfortunately, two pts are never able to get their health issues and pain under control and end up ending their lives.

The DVD/Blu-Ray can be pre-ordered from Amazon on the link below

Pain Warriors by Tina Petrova & Eugene Weis

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  1. […] Pain-Warriors – the movie -to be released May 25th – pre-order now from Amazon […]

  2. I am the mother of one of the women in the film. I do not believe my daughter committed suicide. I believe she was the result of a hospital who did not care enough to treat her correctly. The coroner told me there was no sign of alcohol or drugs in her system.

  3. Steve,

    Your followers/readers may not be aware of, but they may wish to start using it for purchases. “” is the same as the regular Amazon web site with the same products and the same prices. The BIG difference is that it allows the shopper to designate a charitable organization so that a certain percentage of one’s shopping dollars are donated to the charity of one’s choice.

    I have been donating (through my shopping) to the LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership) organization for years now. I recently asked CIAAG (via email) why they were not listed as available for donations as I had decided to change my shopping donations to their group. Shasta Harner said they were not aware of the web site, but she is checking on the procedure to get CIAAG on the list of available organizations so (hopefully) they should be listed in the near future.

    The movie you listed is also available on (same price) and is Eligible for a Amazon Smile donation. Note that the way to go from an URL address for an item to the same item at is just replace the “www” with the word “smile”. So, the movie, “Pain Warriors” can be found at:

    Before purchasing, pick your favorite charity so they can get a percentage of your shopping dollars. I suggest CIAAG when Shasta gets the “Red Tape” worked out.


  4. I preordered mine just now thank you for letting us know

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