Pain in America – have you noticed ?

Have you ever pay attention to the commercials on TV… unless you are watching all your TV from a DVR/Tivo or you are addicted to ROKU/HULU or some other such service… approx 20 minutes of every hour is COMMERCIALS.

If you pay attention to these commercials.. there as several each hour advertising some sort of pain medications.. most over the counter… topical creams, ointments, sprays, patches, NSAID, APAP, Cox-2 inhibitor and even a CONTROLLED MED ( Lyrica) – but they warn you if you have addiction issues.. you could have a problem.  Yes, it is a C-V, but you don’t see Synalgos DC (also a C-V)being advertised DTC.

We even see some of these “pain meds” being marketed in combination with Diphenhydramine … for pain and sleep.

Does anyone believe that all the money being spent on advertising these “pain meds” .. if they were not selling tons of these products..

Granted, these are for mild – mild/moderate pain.. but .. isn’t it a indication that we have a epidemic of pain – or perceived pain – in this country?  Doesn’t it make sense that pain will tend to increase as a person ages?

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