Pacific Legal Foundation is a nonprofit legal organization that defends Americans’ liberties

About Pacific Legal Foundation

Pacific Legal Foundation is a nonprofit legal organization that defends Americans’ liberties when threatened by government overreach and abuse. We sue the government when it violates Americans’ constitutional rights—and win!

Each year, PLF represents hundreds of Americans, free of charge, who seek to improve their lives but are stymied by government. We give them their day in court to vindicate their rights and set a lasting precedent to protect everyone else

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  1. They will be getting a call from me I know that much!

  2. Do they take class action suits against the government.

  3. So are they coming to our rescue? Or do more of us need to die first?

    • Marguerite what have you done to speak for yourself first? Be proactive, rather than wait for some other entity to save you before you die..give your MD grief, write letters, call your congressman, do something.

      • gurl49; that’s an awfully presumptuous, contemptuous attitude. What makes you think she hasn’t done all those things? I have been doing them, plus joining large patient groups, advocating & researching & testifying at state levels, for years. I’m not seeing any improvement. What have you done that’s changed things around? Oh wait –nothing has changed around. So why aren’t you doing something about that, huh?? I assume you’re sitting around waiting for others to do it for you. Or. Just maybe. We individuals really DO need powerful legal help (I & many people I know have contacted everything from the ACL-Useless thru state civil rights orgs to individuals, many times, & gotten flat refusals across the board). If this group would come forward & start an official, legal process, maybe we’d end up being seen as something other than whiny wimp addicts.

        People who claim to be helping us but spend their time sneering at others for not doing enough to turn things around are power-tripping twits who’d rather tear total strangers down than do something constructive. How’s that for judgmental?

        and I’d dearly love to hear your playbook for “giving your MD grief” in a way that doesn’t result in one being fired as a patient & probably being blackballed as well. You’ve obviously found the frigging Holy Grail of patienthood. Please…do share.

        • Thank you hun you made my day!

          • Marguerite;
            You’re welcome! It burns my butt when people attack others for “not doing enough” when they have no freaking clue what the person has or has not done. We’d probably be a lot farther along if so many people didn’t spend all their time criticizing others & power tripping.

      • It’s not uncommon to interpret a post a little or a lot wrong. Marg is as sick as she can be, long in the pain crisis fight and one of our top advocates, she has been there and done that 🙂 Great understanding sometimes makes for great sarcasm 🙂

      • Actually I was one of the first filers for operation starburst here in Washington state. Im suing the Untied States of America via the attorney general of Washington state and the ag in d.c. pro se. I filed January 4th and have managed to all by myself without help for my self keep my own going while helping Michigan and Oregon going as well. I am in contact with the office of my congressman Rick Larsen in district two and ruffle some feathers not to mention my participation in the Don’t Punish Pain Movement protests. I also advocate daily and help others from the moment I wakeup from intractable pain from multiple injuries to my spinal cord bone and joint disease seronegative rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis fibromyalgia bilateral drop foot and its it’s a miracits I’m even walking or alive at this point. Why don’t you fill me in now on what you been doing besides trying to make me look or feel bad? I’ll make no apologies for my comment ive been fighting this fight for over 5 years now before people started coming forward I was speaking out calling newsrooms and news papers across this country and also law firms across this country all day looking looking for a firm with the cajones to stand up for our rights! People that know me personally know theres not a day that goes by that im not working on my case or being of service to others. This is my life now. I’m also a contributing member of ATIP and contribute on this page often for several years. So that’s what ive been doing. Even now I’m sitting in my car at a doctor’s office of a friend whose blind and can’t navigate alone, then after that im off to go help a young man whose has cerebral palsy and is a paraplegic. My pain and anxiety or under treated or not treated and I just returned home this morning from New York where I met with my sister whose also sick like me and probably won’t make it much longer. I went to give her love and hope which I have for all of us caught in this nightmare. Thank you for asking and have yourself a great day.

        • Marguerite;
          Thank you for your tremendous efforts & kindnesses. You’re an amazing person. I hope all our efforts actually start paying off soon.

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