There are rumors that Facebook is going to implement some sort of censorship

Facebook’s Implementing New Rules and Processes to Stop the Spread of Harmful Content

Some of my followers/readers have expressed concerns about this and not seeing what I post.. .or what I post get censored/deleted by FB.

Apparently no everyone realizes that what shows up under my name or FB or twitter originally appears on my blog ( and is automatically copied to FB and twitter.

My WordPress blog has a place on the front page, right column to receive a email when a new post appears on my blog… by simply entering your email address in the appropriate input block.

Also by going to my blog and looking at the left hand column and there is list and links to the recent comments, recent posts, and top posts.

I will have no control over what FB or twitter will do with my posts, but my BLOG is MY BLOG and totally under my control.

Everyone is capable of copying the hyperlink of any single post and share it to where ever they wish to

“liking” a post on FB or twitter only lets FB or twitter to collect more information about your mindset/personality… SHARING – or retweeting – is what makes a idea/concept potentially go viral and make others aware of what is going on or happening.

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  1. We should all be concerned. Not so much about the questionable content, but their massive data collection. The 5 billion dollar “settlement” came nowhere near fixing the problems, and removed any blame, for Facebook’s activities. Facebook’s reputation as been ruined and a lot of people have deleted their accounts. People need to read up on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the repeated lies, and attacks on democracies around the world.

    Again, we are immersed in lies and propaganda. Facebook sold data from health related sites too, making it easier for industries to create false counter narratives. Facts don’t resonate, or get as many clicks or shares as misinformation, and lies.

    Pharmacists and physicians involved in the ever profitable health industry, cannot counteract corporate lobbyists and industry insiders on the regulatory boards.

  2. just curious,,you blog,,I re-entered my,,,and it still won’t send your blog to it??this is obviously under google,,soo do u have control of your blog w/google??maryw

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