More proof of targets on backs?

I recently got this from another RPH.. who had recently attended a training seminar

This may be of interest to you…3 out of 40 pharmacists at the seminar admitted to being unemployed.  I estimate all were over 50.  All were over 40 for sure.

While this is not a real valid sample.. for statical analysis… but it is interesting that ~ 7.5% of this group.. was INVOLUNTARILY UNEMPLOYED.. about the same unemployment rate of the general pubic.. at least what the FEDS are willing to admit to …

Interesting .. 5 yrs ago.. that number would have been probably at or near ZERO !… and the growth in the number of new RPH graduates is not suppose to level off until 2017-2018…


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  1. We all know where the demand for pharmacists is going….DOWN! We can thank the greedy colleges for this situation. It will eventually hit the public that there are too many pharmacists and that it is difficult to get a pharmacy job. The next question is what will happen to pharmacy salaries? Will chains start hiring more part-time pharmacists and giving them less benefits? If Obamacare squeezes the profits from chain pharmacy, just about anything can happen.

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