Rumor on the street 08/21/2013

About one month ago .. I wrote about a poor Senior RPH floater who was assigned to a store, where the restroom was on the second floor and this Senior RPh was unable to climb the stairs

It has been reported that this particular pharmacy is now having a FIRST FLOOR RESTROOM installed.. of course, this particular chain has occupied this 120 year old bldg for abt 20 yrs… and it was only after this particular incident.. have they decided that MAYBE there should be a ADA compliant restroom in this bldg.

How many times have other employees not been able to “make it up the stairs in time”… and their needs were ignored?

It has been reported that the space allocated for this new restroom … is what is now the former employee BREAK ROOM.. leaving the employees no place to take their breaks and/or eat their meals..  I guess that losing front end sales space was not a option.. and besides.. making sales is more important than an accommodation for the employees?

One has to wonder.. how many other ADA compliance issues have been ignored through out the chain… because they have not gotten the scrutiny of the public spot light?

Did I mention the odd odor in the bldg? Maybe it has to do with the numerous times that this bldg has been flooded … was there proper mold remediation after each flood ?

Aren’t their some health issues linked to the presence of certain mold infiltration within buildings ?

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  1. Multiple employees of this store have battled cancer!!!!

  2. Maybe someone should report the odor to OSHA.

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