MA BOP closes another pharmacy operating outside their licensed authority

State shuts down Waltham specialty pharmacy

per the article:

Dr. Madeleine Biondolillo, director of the state health department’s Bureau of Healthcare Safety and Quality said inspectors also observed an adjacent space in the lab set up for giving patients intravenous medications onsite. She said the company does not have an appropriate clinic license to conduct these activities, and that it is a violation of state regulations.

A Waltham specialty pharmacy, similar to the Framingham pharmacy at the center of the national fungal meningitis outbreak, has been shut down, after inspectors found “significant issues” in the area where sterile, injectable medications were being made, Massachusetts health officials announced at a news conference Sunday afternoon.

A pharmacy … not only following “good practices in regards compounding sterile products”… they had set up a clinic or room in which patient received the IV’s administered. According to the article… at this point in time.. there are some 40 patients involved.

According to a previous newspaper article, the MA BOP did not do routine/unannounced inspection… only when there was a complaint… it would appear the MA BOP has had a recent change in its policies and procedures in regards to inspecting pharmacies.

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