Gut pharmacy panel right now

Gut pharmacy panel right now.

IT’S TIME: Former pharmacy...

From the article:

A former member of the state pharmacy board said the governor should force board members to resign, gut current regulations and start all over again in the wake of a national meningitis outbreak tied to a Framingham company.

Per the article, here is one reason  that NECC might have gotten away from being caught since 1998….

the state Board of Registration in Pharmacy failed to recognize problems at the New England Compounding Center because:

• The 10-member board is understaffed and independent.

• Inspectors monitored companies only after receiving complaints and didn’t show up for unannounced checks.

With this particular company’s business plan… they didn’t have any “walk-in” customers.. they had a very limited numbers of customers that they served via mail order and the vast majority where out of state.

I am sure that there are at least 300+ people in the country want the board members themselves GUTTED !

Since Mr Gouveia was on the BOP when previous complaints were filed against NECC… shouldn’t he and other former BOP members/inspectors be grouped  along with the current members/inspectors when the “hammer comes down” ?


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