Local veteran dying of cancer can’t get pain meds from VA

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An Orange County veteran diagnosed with terminal colon cancer said he was given just months to live.

But after serving for more than 30 years, he said Veterans Affairs denied him pain medication that he needs to make it through the day.

Channel 9 found out the denial is being blamed on a paperwork mistake.

Leroy Brugonone said even though he’s fought in war, he had no way to prepare for his fight with the VA.

“I’m just like a number, not a countryman. I’ve fought lots of battles. Not like this,” he said.

Brugonone has colon cancer.

Doctors told him surgery or chemotherapy would not save his life.

“I pray to God I can live one more day,” Brugonone said.

He said the only thing he can do now is live comfortably and it takes several pain medicines to get him through the day. But now he says he can’t get the medicine anymore.

Brugonone said the VA told him last week he was denied because he missed too many appointments.

He said he missed them because he didn’t know when they were.

The paperwork the VA mailed him for the appointments didn’t have the date and time filled in. He said when he tried to explain, he couldn’t get anyone to listen.

“It’s my error. It’s my fault for not having a correct say on it. It’s my fault for not looking at it more closely. They are saying it’s not their fault,” Brugonone said.

If history is any indication, a resolution could take some time and doctors have given him six months to live.

VA officials in Orlando and Washington, D.C., said privacy laws prevent them from discussing Brugonone’s case, but they did say they are looking into the complaint and they don’t have a timetable on when Brugonone could get answers.

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  1. I’ve been battling the VA on my deceased father for the past 7 years. They can’t own up to anything! Nothing is ever their mistake even though there is proof it is their fault.
    This poor guy is why drug dealers get richer.

  2. The VA is known for excuses. I pray that this person that served us gets help. No excuses acceptable.

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