Indiana moving toward GRAND SLAM in substance abuse ?

Fulton Co. Group Works to Curb Meth

 It is reported that 80% of the meth in this country comes from south of our border.. it would appear that Indiana Hoosiers are just DO-IT-YOUR-SELFERS  when it comes to getting their hands on meth…

Local pharmacies will start consulting with customers about purchasing drugs with pseudoephedrine

ROCHESTER – Several Fulton County leaders are advocating for pharmacies to limit the sales of medicines containing pseudoephedrine – the critical component in one-pot methamphetamine labs.

In order to do that, the committee wants local pharmacists to consult with customers and determine their reasons for purchasing pseudoephedrine-based cold medicines, such as Sudafed, said Harry Webb, owner of Webb’s Family Pharmacy.

Lawmakers, businesspersons, law enforcement and educators joined Webb to create the Fulton County Citizen Action Committee. The group presented their ideas to curb meth production Friday, July 17, to the Indiana Abuse and Child Safety Task Force, chaired by State Sen. Randy Head, R-Logansport.

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  1. Another metric no one has time for?? Good grief another reason for govt interference as a person purchasing a legal product. Alcohol can be used for nefarious reasons also….just sayin…..

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