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A couple of nights ago I posted this TV news report from ABC 7 in Detroit..

I know that I have talked to numerous RPH’s in various practice settings.. and it seems that mistakes are becoming so common place that we have been come jaded to mistakes happening and as long as no one really gets harmed… mistakes are part our current work environment.

What all too many RPH’s believe that the company will stand behind them.. if they make a mistake… and they forget that the BOP will look to the RPH …not the permit holder for blame and punishment.

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  1. Decreasing mistakes requires examination of how mistakes occur, and devising strategies to simplify processes for consistency in handling situations to eliminate situations that lead to inconsistency and room for error.

    One of the first steps is acknowledging mistakes occur. Though the methods are different depending if one is working by oneself or directing others, there are significant similar measures in checking, double-checking, and triple-checking that are the same no matter where one works.

    In my hospital jobs, unlike retail, there are opportunities to ‘set parts of jobs aside’, group similar tasks, finish the ‘task’ then go onto the next group of similar tasks. I’ve noticed mistakes most often occur when changing hats too quickly or frequently, and not in a consistent step-by-step manner; i.e. going from ‘checking mode’ to ‘clinical mode’ to ‘bookkeeping’ to ‘answering the simple phone call’ and so on. Interruption is the bane of error-free production.

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