Even CVS’s techs are suing the company

Las Vegas pharmacy technician to sue CVS over practices


From the article:

A pharmacy chain is being accused of changing the strength of prescription drugs without contacting the doctor and enrolling customers in an auto refill program without their permission. Now those allegations are making their way to court.

When a former CVS pharmacy technician in Las Vegas told her supervisors about it, she claims they tried to silence her through interrogation until police arrived and held her at a hospital for hours to get a psych exam.

Namnard claims she was also told to enroll all birth control prescriptions into their ReadyFill Program without the patient’s consent to meet quotas.

Once again at a CVS pharmacy it is the technicians that are coming forward with claims that the chain is pressuring Rx dept staff to things that are questionable, against the company’s P&P, and just out and out ILLEGAL..

Where is the ethics of these RPH’s that work for CVS?

I know that there is a growing job surplus… but is that paycheck worth your license… because like every other time CVS hits the headlines – like this – you will see this quote or one similar …

In response to those claims, CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis says, “CVS is committed to ensuring that all of our business operations adhere to the highest ethical standards.”

If this claim by this technician proves to be true… I think that they need to find some other ethical standards to adhere to !

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  1. Changing strength of a medication without dr approval? Sounds like a serious RPH ethical problem, not a corporate problem.

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