Division within the community has apparently just HIT A NEW LOW !

A few people have some proof who is behind this …  and the question is… if making such a report of one or more people involved in the protest on Oct 20… could this be considered making a false police report… Could the police – out of caution – everyone showing up for the protest – be charged with a 5150… resulting in a 72 hr involuntary mental health hold.

Then there is possible damages – defamation – of the American Pain & Disability Foundation name/reputation… that could be sought out as well as the defamation of Bob Sheerin’s name and reputation, now that he has been banned/cut off all of internet media outlets because of all this “misbehavior”

This could be quite interesting in how this shakes out..  It could even be the “FINAL STRAW” that gets the community to come together.


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  1. Are theyfv sure its from one in the pain community? What about Kolodny? PROP? Steve Rummler?

    • The people that have been the victim of these actors know who is doing this. There is a group of nefarious players and one of them is particularly shady and is inclined toward fantastical accusations and LOVES to start trouble and undercut other advocates, groups, orgs and foundations especially when they are making progress. The more successful an org becomes the more likely they are going to get hit by this little monster.

    • IMO… those anti-opiate groups and most of the media are in pretty tight lockstep with the DEA’s agenda.. If this case http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/7-million-awarded-to-family-of-man-who-killed-himself-after-pain-medication-denied/ holds up on appeal… many personal injury law firms will start getting in line for “damages” from premature deaths from under/untreated pain and/or suicide from pain meds being cut. IF/when members of Congress and the media starts paying attention and starts reining in the DEA back to their original statutory charge – going after the cartels… then those anti opiate groups may change their tactics…

  2. The people doing these types of things in this community need to be exposed. They are root cause behind 99% of the chaos and “division” that takes place and they do it on purpose. Sadly, seems they never are held responsible for any of their actions and continue terrorizing and harassing everyone who attempts to do something good for people in pain. It’s sickening to watch and I hope this does being about justice not just for Bob and APDF but all their other victims as well.

  3. Wow, I just found out about this by reading Steve’s Blog this morning. My God this is LOW. Wish I knew what it is that Kline has called to action, I’d help if I knew what I could do?

  4. It is the same group of people doing the attacking on all the orgs and groups that are being attacked just saying

    • I have been told that one of our members is friends with a Secret Service Agent – 20 + yrs seniority – I understand that – last year – our member reached out to this Secret Service Agent to arrange for the member’s “adult kid” and Grandkid for a tour while they were visiting DC… was not able to get them into the White House because of something going one… but they got a personal “behind the velvet ropes” tour of the capital… their guide was a sergeant on the capital police. After that issue on Jan 6th, 2021, I suspect that all of law enforcement in/around DC is still on “high alert”. While the spreading of a lie/fake rumor/police report – as has reportedly been stated about the Oct 20th protest in DC may not be a direct concern of the Secret Service… With this particular agent being a 20+ yr part of the secret service… the agent probably knows someone or someone that knows someone in the capital police, the FBI or some other part of the law enforcement community in/around DC that it would be of interest to. The people who concocted this lie, fake rumor/police report may find that any investigation that may happen… may be in a different direction than they intended and may boomerang back toward them.. only time will tell !

  5. Yes. And today Dr. Kline has announced a ‘call to action’.
    It always the same pain warriors that do the work, about 59 of us. The remaining 6,999,941 think that we will get it done FOR THEM and they can just sit.

    • I don’t think the others just think that you will do it for them. Many don’t know where to start, or have become discouraged by all the unanswered letters to their representatives. Or, some may be too warn down. Most people want to help on my experience, they just need a little extra encouragement and direction.. Just an observation.

      • Nor can the EFFORT be ‘joined’ on ‘smart phones’.
        A full size computer with a large screen for reading many documents and supplying many comments and communicating with many people, and printing capabilities is ESSENTIAL to get ANYTHING ‘done’.
        ‘Smart Phone Pain Warriors’ breed disinterest and poor results.

    • I don’t just sit. I do what I can from home. To say that we expect others to do all the work is wrong. Some might be that way but not all of us. I’ve written letters, emails, phone calls, shared on social media. I can’t make this rally, I can’t sit longer than 20 minutes, besides failed fusions ( cervical & lumbar) I have many other health problems and issues that prevent me from doing a lot. My husband who is my care taker had a 2nd cancer surgery 2 months ago and has had many complications being rushed back to the hospital by ambulance a few times. Then my 7 year old service dog became sick last month and is on meds 7x a day & now has to see a specialist, he also had Covid last year and still suffers from it, my 17 year old cat is in stage 2 kidney failure & high blood pressure and on meds 2x a day. My body is barely holding up, throw in stress and anxiety I’d like to give up. I need 3 more major surgeries and will not do them because I’m scared & have PTSD from 1st lumbar fusion. I’m sick and tired of being treated like an addict. When I had my meds I had some quality of life, now I don’t. But I will not give up. My grandsons are my reason to keep going and fighting. Some of us can’t do the traveling but we do what we can from home when our bodies are able to. So you need to think about what you say before you write it. You’ve made those of us who do what we can from home feel like a piece of dirt putting it nicely. Besides the fact that many of us are just learning how/what to do.I myself am just learning how to advocate for myself and it’s not easy, especially because I have problems from a stroke, brain tumor and MS that are affecting my brain. That’s not even all my disabilities.

      • Ya don’t have to apologize for being incapacitated. No one has ever required anything from them. But it’s hard to understand why the able, or semi-able do not raise the numbers working into the tens of thousands…

        • I’m sorry I jumped the gun here. I just felt like it was meant for people like me. I know there’s others like me. You’re right, those that aren’t as bad as me should be doing more. Everyone should be taking part, no matter what. I always get the same form letters back but that doesn’t stop me from keeping on doing what I do. I even got a call from 1 of the congressman 1 day. I wasn’t home, dr appt as usual. I ķept calling them back leaving numerous messages. They never called me back but that didn’t stop me from continuing to call or write them, even asking them why they called & are ignoring me. I still write them every week even asking why they are ignoring me. I’m going to do the picture of me with a sheet and send it them, maybe then they’ll be able to talk to me. I do get frustrated but I’m not giving up.

      • Please dont feel like you have to justify yourself. We all know how hard this is and some people genuinely do all they can, people like you and your effort matters. I think the comment was more toward people that constantly say things like ” why doesn’t somebody do something” etc… When truth is there are a mere handful of real time advocates that seriously are on this. It is thankless, grueling and draining and we just wish more people would make the same effort we do because if enough people put the hours and effort in it as the ones that are we may be further down the road than we are right now.

        • Should this one issue not have come up, where would the pain effort be today? Somewhere much worse? Somewhere much better? No, we would be just right where we have been for the last ten years – fragmented and cheering for our favorite group to the exclusion of the rest as a ‘reward’ for our ‘loyalty’. Have personalities really gotten in the way?

          What else is REALLY horrifying to me is that anyone would haul other drugs along with the devastation caused by Opiate Prohibition (like kratom and marijuana).

          What is just as bad is that FEW UNDERSTAND or can recite and broadcast what Dr. Kline and Dr. Red Lawhern have discovered. …One – the True Science of The Opiates and the other – the True Statistics of The Opiates.
          And how valuable is Steve’s knowledge of the pharmacies ETC???

          What these have put into small, easy to teach packages is the very foundation of the only means to ‘win’, The Truth.

          This must be the foundation of our arguments, no more no less.
          ‘Well I, at least, am not an addict – and like this group.’
          ‘Well I, at least, wouldn’t abuse the medicine – and I like that group’…

          The comments here on this one informative article are relatively enormous compared to the comments Dr. Kline and Dr. Red Lawhern and Dr. Steve get on most of their many finely focused efforts for us to helps us GROUP to recover our safe and effective pain medicine, The Opiates.

          Somebody know someone in the FBI or whatever? Did someone tell a lie? Is THAT what stops at the least tens of thousands of able or semi-able pain refugees?

          In a strong, single-minded effort to recover The Opiates first, would not this single and common and base liar/spy be the fantastical mouse stopping the charging elephant?

          • I am sorry but I really am not sure of your point. Im one that is in this fight and Im one that has been attacked by the same actors doing this. Im one that has had my life threatened for advocacy work.I was just trying to let Christine know that we do understand there are people that do all they can and some dont.

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