Are we dealing with a bunch of Goliaths or just bullies ?

davidgoliathEveryone knows the story of David and Goliathschoolyardbully and most everyone is familiar with your typical school yard bully..

Since my experience in pharmacy dates back to the 60’s… pre PBM’s and pre-BNDD/DEA… some refer to the “golden age of pharmacy”, Personally I have a long personal experience with my profession.

I got another email this week from a small independent that the RPH’s wholesaler (Amerisouce-Bergin) has determined that the 38 C-II Rxs that this small stores fill every month is EXCESSIVE and as of the end of this month.. they will no longer provide this RPh and the store with controlled drugs.. I spoke with this RPH and stated that RPh will not fill any controls for anyone.. unless the store fills all of the pt’s Rxs.

This is the third example of a wholesaler cutting off a independent pharmacy in the last couple of months – that I know of !

  This DEA story just keeps getting stranger and stranger

Guilty until proven innocent ?

We all know that these wholesalers are probably acting out of fear from the DEA.. The BIG BOYS have deep enough pockets to do battle with these thugs from the DEA… but.. how does a small independent go forward… better yet.. how does the patients deal with the adverse affects of these actions by not being able to get their necessary medication?

The BULLIES are growing in numbers.. starting with the PBM’s … then the DEA.. then the corporate employers .. and now the wholesalers.. and I forgot.. in California.. the Medical Board is rattling sabers about suing RPH’s with practicing medicine… because their corporate employers are mandating the calling the MD with “twenty questions” on every control Rx written…

How much longer before some/many get sued for denial of care and patient abuse?

What seems strange… a RPH refuses to fill a BC Rx and legislators become incensed and pass laws..  but.. refusing to fill control Rxs.. even legit Rxs… and no one seems to notice.. or is it that they really don’t care ?

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