Another pharmacist using the excuse “I’m not comfortable” as a reason to deny providing valid medical care

Dear Steve,

I have been a chronic pain patient since 2006. I am 66 and disabled.
CVS is the only  drug store I can walk to as it’s close to my home. 
For over 3 years I’ve filled my C-II. there with no issue. 
It was due 1-9-22. I got a text saying out of stock and they were placing special order. I was advised to call daily to see if it came in the order.
Meanwhile my regular pharmacists have been replaced. 
They never ordered it. Today it came in. I was on hold with my insurance while she spoke to the “new” pharmacist who said she’s not comfortable filling it until she speaks to my Dr. I placed a  call to my Dr. which  revealed she never tried to call him to correct this. I’ve complained to CVS twice to no avail!
I am being discriminated of because if the type of medicine it is!  Its unfair. I’ve NEVER tried to fill early in all these years All! I take quite a bit of meds but only 2 C-II and some benzo (also for years) (I have some other mental health issues)
All scripts are now e filed so I can’t just walk out with the paper.
Additionally, I’m indigent and as this is the only pharmacy I can walk to as I’m 66, on medicare/Medicaid and don’t have a way to go from pharmacy to pharmacy, as I can’t afford a car.
This new pharmacist doesn’t know me, or my numerous conditions. Humana approved the Prior Authorization on 12/31/21 the day they got the e script. Its overdue 14 days!
I’m suffering and it’s so very wrong to be judged by the medication and also to make me suffer as I am!! I haven’t been out of bed for weeks!. any advice?
I truly need some guidance.
I live in Coral Springs, FL.
The CVS Stire # is 5084@ 3401 Coral Springs Drive, 
33065 954 346 8428.
this is my response to this pt… I try to offer pts possible solutions that they can reasonably take to resolve the issues that they are dealing with.  Just not share a healthcare horror story… to let everyone know that they are not alone..

    There are several laws that should protect pts like you.. but .. none of the bureaucrats have any interest in enforcing them… CVS has so much business that they could care less if they lose pts that take C-II’s…  The only “quick fix” is to change pharmacies … here is a website that will find independent pharmacies by zip code and distance..   using the CVS’ zip code that was at the bottom of your email… there are a couple of independent pharmacies <1 mile from them and a total of 13 within 5 miles and I searched for independent pharmacies that has delivery…. and since you said that you walk to CVS … they must be close to your home…

contact those on the list that the website produces… tell them that you want to transfer all your meds and ask them if they will/can sync all your meds so that they are all filled on the same day every month and if in fact that they do deliver. Syncing your  meds will help  make sure that you don’t run out of your meds and they have them in inventory when your refills are due… it is a win-win for everyone involved.

    Independent pharmacies – most likely you will be dealing with the Pharmacist owner… and they typically have very little turnover in staff… you know them and they know you.  I had my own independent pharmacy for 20 yrs – I know the mindset and we patronize a independent pharmacy for our Rx needs.

Please keep me in the loop … if/when you find a new pharmacy that will take care of you and your medications properly

Best of luck

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