An Invitation to Save Our pharmacy Profession and Improve Working Conditions

An Invitation to Save Our Profession and Improve Working Conditions

An Invitation to Save Our Profession and Improve Working Conditions

My name is Leslie M. Ohmart III. I am a fourth generation pharmacist have been licensed in Maine since 1978. In my 43 years as a pharmacist I have been a bench pharmacist, a PIC, and managed a pharmacy within a Native American clinic. Recently I have witnessed the Moral Injury (aka burnout) of licensed pharmacists due to the unrealistic workload imposed on us by managers, primarily large chains. Recently I was asked to join a group of pharmacists seeking to improve our working conditions. We decided to pursue this by working with legislators in the House of Representatives. So far we have three who are very interested in helping us modeled on legislation that has been presented in California (SB-362) by a Senator Newman. The legislators here in Maine have made it clear that they need data to successfully present a bill to the Legislature in the next session. Please take a moment to fill out my survey questions and, if you are interested, consider becoming part of our working group. ALL RESPONSES TO THIS SURVEY ARE KEPT IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Together we can bring our profession back to serving our patients the best way we know how by using our professional judgment.
I am expected to perform too many duties in addition to safely dispensing prescriptions.
I frequently leave work feeling mental or physical tension or strain from the pressures of my job.
Staffing is adequate to cover the workload.
I am given the support I need in order to meet business targets or quotas.
The amount of overtime I work is having a negative effect on my personal life.
Management seems more concerned with the amount of work that is performed than the stress the workload causes staff.
I am treated professionally by my supervisor.
I am treated professionally by upper management.
I am paid satisfactorily for the work that I do,
I am satisfied with my job.
I feel management has created a safe work environment for my patients by allowing me sufficient time and staffing to preform the duties assigned to me.
Age group
I am interested in helping to bring a bill before the legislature to deal with the problem of workplace stress and patient safety. Below is my name, telephone number, and email address.

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