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  1. All people who read these types of posts and don’t learn the REAL cause of drug abuse so we can stop the propaganda against opioids and get the CSA repealed are just as guilty as the doctors now being trained to not prescribe opioids. The answer is (and has been for 5 years) on http://www.doctorsofcourage.org. And yet, people won’t learn and spread the truth. So the suffering and deaths continue. But all those people who don’t act to stop this will be judged one day.

    • Dr. Cheek I have had it with your goofy, impossible to explain Holistic version of why people addict. Science HAS looked at it now and it is genetic %100 of the time and everything that can be said has long ago been said by Red Lawhern and Dr. Kline, so this, and your tireless efforts at self-promotion, I have had completely enough with. You are NOT A TEAM PLAYER and we have enough of those already in the various pain groups and among individuals within ONE pain group.

      I really must be a fool for caring about ANY of this anymore. The disharmony is deafening and if and when we sit down with these people we will need ONE STORY, not 33 stories.

  2. I truly believe this is genocide. one of their tenants ..read and keep your eyes open.REad Agenda 21 They believe there are too many people on the planet they want it all…all. One easy and Hitler-like ideas is the eliminate the sick and infirm.,, and like Hitler its done in a cruel underhanded way. I suffer from 24 hour pain. This woman, model patient was treated horribly. I know, I know that the thought of ending the pain through taking their life goes through many chronic pain sufferers minds. This woman suffered horribly, horribly.

  3. I’m truly sorry for your grief, loss and pain. As well as that of the families!
    Being way too close to the sheer desperation of doing just the same, brings so very many mixed feelings and emotions! People should never be left with the only options of living a life full of unimaginable pain and no QOL, OR SIMPLY SUFFERING….. WITHOUT END.

    All I can do is Thank you for what you do for so very many of us! Either for us, or with us; I thank you for your unwavering assistance!

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