American Medical Association is asking for your denial of pain management stories

American Medical Association is asking for your stories. We If you have had problems obtaining proper or any dose of opiate pain medicines. AMA wants to know.

If you have had limitations on your pain medications by pharmacists, insurance companies, ER’s, after surgery or by any doctors NP’s or who ever trying to limiting opioid pain medications including tapering and being cut off.

send your BRIEF story to AMA to be counted. see email address below

Yes, I retired but one last video, it wore me out, back to my canoe

Your report needs your name (or the name of a representative, if you are shy), city, state, zip, no address or phone. plus – your primary diagnosis, just 1, what happened to you 1-3 sentences and what medicines were involved( if just a denial to treat AT ALL put “opiate pain medicine”) add the insurance company if they were a problem and thats all. Make it brief they are just counting. Maybe add “suspend cdc guidelines” if u want. Tell friends. spread the word!

EMail report to:

They have said they want to hear from as many as possible. JUST DO IT! easy, they are primarily counting

Help get others do this, it is ok if if the sick person cannot do it.

Speak up, someone is listening, doctors not the government.
National Pain Council supports this effort
National Pain

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  1. Done. …again I think.

  2. Boy did I send my story. I am still without medication waiting to see a doctor for the second time this month. I had to do a consult prior to getting another appointment to receive any medications. This has been a real trying experience. I even told the AMA that patients even have travel out of state to find care if thsts even possible. This whole pain care situation is out of control.

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