Wall Street Journal picks up on CVS whistle blower lawsuit

CVS Sued by a Former Pharmacist


Tim Martin ( Medical Reporter for WSJ) has penned a article about Joe Zorek’s whistler blower & EEOC lawsuit against CVS. The lawsuit was file Thursday July 18th



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  1. […] Just a month ago.. the FEDERAL LAWSUIT was filed against CVS and Tim Martin of the Wall Street Journal picked up on the story http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=4031 […]

  2. Only have to have worked in a store of their to know the truth. Their lawyers should work the counter on a busy afternoon! More with less has a breaking point and something has to give!

  3. That article is very good! The reporting is excellent!

  4. When CVS says they will defend themselves “vigorously” they ain’t kiddin’. During the DEA fiasco in Florida, their attorneys went to court 4 or 5 times. Joe should expect a protracted fight that may last years. I hope we all live long enough to see him win.

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