Major Whistler Blower case against CVS filed today!

Shit-Hits-the-Fan_cartoonAs I have said before .. you just never know what is going to show up in my inbox…

It would appear that the shit is really starting to hit CVS’ “fan”.

1.1 Civil Cover Sheet

1 – Complaint

It would seem that a ex-CVS PIC/Pharmacist is taking on this corporate giant.. over various issues… including putting pt’s health at risk.. because of the increased volume that RPH’s are expected to do..

The second case is a EEOC lawsuit against CVS by this same RPH.. because he has some health issues that CVS used to discharge him..

It is my understanding that CVS now has 30 days to respond to this lawsuit… and then a court date will be determined.

Stay tuned… this is not just a one person crusade against CVS.. it is my understanding that several high profile groups are aligning with this case…

How many more Ex-CVS Rph’s that have been “screwed” by CVS will be stepping up to the plate once this one RPH gets thru with them?

As I have said before.. the law and the practice act is on our side…

My money is on fact that this will not end up with a statement from CVS… “CVS paid a XXXXXX fine while admitting no wrong doing “…

Merlo will probably be reaching for the rip-chord on his “golden parachute” before the end of the year …  Maybe we will see a lot of stock traders … “shorting” CVS stock…

This may be one of those “please place your tray tables in their upright position … keep your seat belt fastened … and remain in your seat .. until the ride comes to a complete stop …


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  1. My wife worked for CVS in Ohio and they continued to add more and more duties to the Pharmacists to the point where they could no longer properly “practice pharmacy” anymore. Best of luck to you, Joe. But Big Pharmacy will never sit up and listen until Pharmacists stand up for themselves and refuse to endanger their patients for the sake of money in the corporate pocket!

  2. Full disclosure is my gig … There is so much more to my story!!! And I have the proof!!

  3. wow…good luck, Joe……you are spot on about the age bias….my own PIC has made comments as : I am glad I do not have to deal with this system like you and “Bert” and “Ernie” ( we are all over 50) and “perhaps you should cut back on your hours” or “maybe you should consider the float pool if this is too much for you.” You know, CVS, will try to drag this out as long as possible to wear you down. I hope they settle for gazillions.

  4. I hope he doesn’t settle, I hope he wins and I hope other chains are paying close attention. You have pushed the pharmacists too far in deference to shareholders and insurance companies. It’s time to find someone else to be your whipping boy to squeeze more production (read dollars) out of.

  5. This is GREAT news! Joe’s lawsuit is finally getting underway. I am putting my money with Joe. I think this is a WINNER. My best wishes to Joe.

  6. WOW! I’d love to read that motion. I’ll see if I can find this.

    • It seems as if there may be violations of The American’s with Disabilities Act and age discrimination issues. Both are big time legal issues. I agree with you that CVS will probably settle out of court and try to admit to no wrongdoing. Thanks Steve!

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