Dr. Kline in Crisis Part 1 & Part 2

Dr. Kline and his patients . Suddenly, without any reason given, I was visited by two inspectors from the North Carolina medical board, who said they were there to have me surrender my federal narcoses licence. when i asked for the charges, I was told to talk to the board, and when I asked if I could continue my practice, They said to talk to the board. No reason, no evidence.

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  1. I wondered when the zealots would go after Dr Kline; he’s such an outspoken advocate for actual treatment of pain –i.e., he talks truth against the BS propaganda– that it was inevitable that they’d shut him down. We don’t know all the deets, like the lawyer issue, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to somehow bar him from talking to an attorney first. If I sound like a conspiracy nut, I didn’t used to: it’s taken a few years of watching an anti-science, anti-evidence, anti-fact propaganda campaign worthy of Goebbels to make me believe in this conspiracy. And watching the vast majority of sheeple swallow the propaganda without the tiniest question to destroy what little faith I had in people generally having any sense.

  2. My MIL was in the last stage of colon cancer and had weeks to live. She was in the hospital in severe pain, but they wouldn’t give her opiods to relieve her pain. Despite her Living Will they gave her blood transfusions to “make her more comfortable”. She didn’t communicate for a month and slept with her eyes and mouth open and constantly moaned. The doctors said they didn’t want her to get addicted so they let her suffer. She died 75 days after fistula repair with no relief from constant pain.

  3. Bob is correct. He should have immediately called a lawyer before surrendering. He and every citizen is entitled to due process.

  4. He messed up why didn’t he call a lawyer before surrendering .

  5. I suffer from chronic pancreatitis. Without opioids, I’d have 0 quality of life!!

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