We don’t really worry about pt care.. immoral, unethical, illegal acts.. is the new Hippocratic Oath !

I am often asked “why can they get away with doing that ?”… the simple answer is because NO ONE has challenged them in a court of law.

Some says that there is an 11th Commandment “Nothing is illegal until you get caught, tried & convicted “

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  1. I’m deaf, I can’t understand most of the videos posted on this site. What is going on in this one?

    • A patient is telling Dr. Ibsen that her pain doctor said that if she is caught using marijuana (with a marijuana card or by urine test), they would refuse to fill her pain pump. She says she’s scared. Dr. Ibsen says it’s illegal for this doctor to do that — that’s it’s a violation of the ADA, code of ethics, Hippocratic Oath, and that it’s a legal substance in their state and works well for pain.

      The patient says she is seeing one of her doctors tomorrow, and he might want to do more procedures. Dr. Ibsen tells the patient that, with both a spinal cord stimulator and a pain pump, she shouldn’t have any more back procedures. But the patient doesn’t know if this doctor will prescribe pain medication.

  2. More like weed doesn’t work for everyone. But when you’re talking long-term treatments, I think weed would be more effective than a pain pump. Just my opinion — I’m not saying patients should use either or that you can’t use both.

  3. Weed doesn’t work for all levels of pain.

    How can we find someone to challenge the issues in court?

  4. Issues in Fresno with CVS (unless bogus) include RESTRICTIONS on FNP’s at this Nat’l Co. on issuing CII’s. What’s up? Heard any such nonsense?

  5. Ma’m, if you find access to medicinal-strength, quality bud, you can get rid of that pain pump — and the doctors hassling you. I’m talking about… freedom.

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