Bring Elite Medical Pain Management Clinic to Kentucky: pain care for Kentucky’s suffering

Bring Elite Medical Pain Management Clinic to Kentucky: pain care for Kentucky’s suffering

Are you or someone you love suffering from pain in Kentucky? We at Elite Pain Management want to provide Kentucky residents with the proper pain care they deserve. We are already licensed to practice in Kentucky, but want to garner the public’s support and demonstrate both the need and the desire for our presence in Kentucky, with this petition. We know it’s Southern tradition to be invited before you arrive!

We at Elite know that medical management of pain is a valuable and effective part of some patients’ path to regaining quality of life, and we know that this essential part of pain care is being denied to many legitimate patients. We assess patients thoroughly, and find the source of your pain. We then create a personalized plan to treat your pain. We utilize medications safely and responsibly for patients whom we feel they benefit. Our world-class pain treatment team recognizes and sympathizes with the suffering that chronic pain patients endure—not only from their physical pain but also from peers and often from their own doctors, hospitals, media, and society, and we know that Kentucky patients have it especially hard, in the current legal climate.

We are knowledgeable in every arena of pain and pain treatment, and our doctors and staff are Board Certified pain specialists, who prescribe responsibly. We understand the importance of establishing positive doctor-patient relationships, building an environment of trust, compassion, and understanding which forms a strong foundation for patient progress. As a part of our foundation, we have included a Patient Advocate on our Board, who can facilitate patient self-help, as well as contribute insight to our providers on how to be sensitive and understanding to our patients. We accept all insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. If you or someone you love needs our help, please sign our petition to demonstrate that you support our presence in Kentucky.

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  1. I understand the naysayers, but as a patient of the doctor who runs these clinics, and now a Patient Advocate advisor to his board, I can assure you, this is the kind of treatment we all hope for. He actually WANTS patients to be active in their own care and advocacy. He cares about how you feel, and what he can do to help, and he’s extremely knowledgeable…a dying breed. Someone we should welcome with open arms, and who we would be blessed to have.

  2. Thanks, Steve, for promoting this important cause, we really need them here in Kentucky.

  3. This place is going to find the source of our pain? And if that’s not possible, do we still get treatment? And when Kentucky creates a medical cannabis program, will they also certify for medical cannabis?

  4. Let’s see how long that lasts until the State runs them outta town on the proverbial rail.

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