IF ignorance is BLISS… USA has a lot of “very happy people” – or – a lot on too many drugs/alcohol ?

I wore this hat out in public and about 21 people said I love your hat and about 12 people said how the hell can you wear a hat like that. I’m pretty sure most Americans can’t read lol  

pt with suffering horrible spasticity.. is doing death with dignity this Friday Sept. 25th

I’d like to introduce my sister Christine. She has suffered horribly with a undiagnosed rare disease. She was featured on 60 minutes 7 years ago. Her disease has progressed to her being quadriplegic and blind. She suffers horrible spasticity!! Her muscles are torturing her. She lives in Washington State and is doing death with dignity […]

Beach Condo for sale – Panama City Beach, FL

After having been here at the Commodore  (http://commodorecondo.com/gallery/)  since 1994 we have decided to sell and move on… unit 1306 (top floor) – 3 bed/3 bath floor plan 1404 Sq Ft interior plus 396 sq ft balcony – almost 40′ width.. This has been our second home since 2000 and a non rental. Non smoker […]

We Must Fight – President Reagan – enough said !!!


Biden says that we must follow what science says

Here are two different scientific opinions/studies on the source of COVID-19 …  One stating that it is a man-made variant and the other stating that it is natural mutation.  Maybe we need to do like Real Clear Politics does…. creates a poll of the average of all the various political polls that are taken. We […]

Money spent…. promising made… promises broken… business as usual

Joe Biden claims that he is going to only raise taxes on people with over $400,000 .. apparently to help pay for his proposed “medicare for all”… But according to this, there is only 32,000 families that makes > $400,000….  as a nation we spend abt $10,000/person/yr for medical care…. meaning  no premiums, no deductible, […]

Reported nearly 200,000 have died from COVID-19

On average we have 7500 people  DIED EVERY DAY… so at 6 months since “they” have start counting  COVID-19 deaths abt the first of March… in a six month period…  we will have 1,365,000 deaths from ALL CAUSES. Does anyone – except me – believe that they should be reporting the total number of deaths […]

Brandeis University’s Dr. Andrew Kolodny is wrong … dangerously damn wrong about the opioid crisis and epidemic!

Brandeis University’s Dr. Andrew Kolodny is wrong … dangerously damn wrong about the opioid crisis and epidemic! https://opioidmakersnotcauseofopioidcrisis.weebly.com/debunking-brandeis-dr-andrew-kolodny.html Joel Shapiro <jrs_14618@yahoo.com> To:president@brandeis.edu Cc:winship@brandeis.edu,horgan@brandeis.edu,davweil@brandeis.edu,msurchin@goodmans.ca,editor@PainNewsNetwork.org Jan 31 at 11:52 AM Attention Brandeis University President Dr. Ron Liebowitz et al. – Re: Exposing Your Vile Opioid Policy Research Collaborative (OPRC) Think Tank …Does my accusation right away appear just […]

Chinese PhD in virology states COVID-19 is MAN MADE

Could this system be modified to treat chronic pain ?

https://www.omnipod.com/Omnipod-system An Innovative Approach to Continuous Insulin Delivery The Omnipod® System provides all the benefits of insulin pump therapy while providing more flexibility and freedom than other traditional tubed pumps. Customizable insulin delivery settings to give you what you need, when you need it. Insulin pumps work by continuously delivering insulin at set and variable […]

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