Why don’t we have background checks when controlled substances are involved ?

Gun control must include background checks, Democrats tell Trump https://abcnews4.com/news/nation-world/gun-control-must-include-background-checks-democrats-tell-trump Congressional Democratic leaders warned President Donald Trump on Sunday that any proposal on gun control must include a House-passed bill to expand background checks for gun purchases — or else risk no legislation at all. The question has to be asked … why is no […]

2018 in review … what killed us

Today is 09/16/2019.. who will not be here tomorrow 2016 in review … what killed us 2017 in review … what killed us   6775 Americans will die EVERY DAY – from various reasons 2700 people  WILL ATTEMPT SUICIDE 140 will be SUCCESSFUL – including 20 veterans 270 will die from hospital acquired antibiotic resistant […]


DEAlusion https://behavenet.com/blog/dealusion According to this press release, DEA wants U.S. sucker taxpayers to think we can reduce the number of opioid overdose deaths by reducing the amount of pharmaceutical grade opioids legally produced in the U.S.  In fact, what this restriction will accomplish is an increase in prices, increase in diversion, and decrease in safety of available […]

U.S. Rep. Steube introduces bill to reschedule marijuana

U.S. Rep. Steube introduces bill to reschedule marijuana https://www.yoursun.com/charlotte/u-s-rep-steube-introduces-bill-to-reschedule-marijuana/article_b1e559e8-d6ff-11e9-9005-430f1d5a6c7f.html Congressman Greg Steube, R-District 17, introduced a bill to reschedule marijuana from a schedule I controlled substance to a schedule III controlled substance, his office announced Thursday. The Marijuana 1-to-3 Act of 2019, would let further research on the substance be conducted. “As marijuana is legalized […]

Landrith: opioid crisis becoming national security problem

There was a time when the opioid crisis was blamed mostly on prescription painkiller abuse. But new data suggests that opioid deaths in America are now largely due to an illegal synthetic form of the drug smuggled into the U.S. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington. Visit us at: Website: https://www.oann.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OneAmericaNe… […]

Over 80% of voters want term limits on Congress

https://www.facebook.com/TheCJPearson/videos/880278375679432/ The above link is to a very interesting 5 minute video attempting to address the reason(s) we are UNABLE TO VOTE THE BUMS OUT ! Last Monday Linda Cheek had a on line meeting https://doctorsofcourage.org/ with the Jeff Scott who is a Libertarian ( https://www.lp.org/ ) running in a special election for the 9th […]

Today’s chuckle ….

A joke for my Biker Friends that ride a Harley. They rest of you can laugh about it too. An inventor of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Arthur Davidson, died and went to heaven. At the pearly gates, St. Peter told Arthur, “Since you’ve been such a good man and your motorcycles have changed the world, your […]

AL: State Board of Pharmacy: Armed robberies & burglaries happening more often

State Board of Pharmacy: Armed robberies & burglaries happening more often https://abc3340.com/news/local/state-board-of-pharmacy-armed-robberies-burglaries-happening-more-often The number of robberies and burglaries of pharmacies is increasing in Alabama, the State Board of Pharmacy says. In the last two days alone, there have been two armed robberies and four burglaries of Alabama pharmacies. One of those armed robberies happened at […]

Comment on: DEA proposes to reduce the amount of five opioids manufactured in 2020, marijuana quota for research increases by almost a third

DEA proposes to reduce the amount of five opioids manufactured in 2020, marijuana quota for research increases by almost a third https://admin.dea.gov/press-releases/2019/09/11/dea-proposes-reduce-amount-five-opioids-manufactured-2020-marijuana-quota “The five opioid substances were subject to special scrutiny following the enactment last year of the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act, known as the […]

The Democratic Debate 09/12/2019

It has been reported that abt 11%-12% of all households in the USA watch this debate..  lack of interest or just plain old apathy ? Isn’t it amazing that 10 candidates can spend THREE HOURS talking about not much more than availability of health and our second amendment right to own a gun. The only […]

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