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  1. Love this.

  2. Only one quibble with this…pain patients are not treated like addicts: we’re treated WORSE than addicts. There are medical & social & legal programs all over the place that are falling all over themselves to help the poor addicts. All that gets offered to pain patients –who have the temerity to claim that they need opiate pain meds but are not addicted– are sneers & jeers & curses & rants that we should suck it up, admit we’re really addicts (in which case we might get compassion & treatment for our “addiction”), & admit we’re liars & lazy malingerers & whiners & wimps.

    I’d LOVE to be treated as well as heroin etc addicts & recreational drug users, those poor poor folks who were waylaid by evil doctors &/or forced to misuse/abuse drugs to get high, then continued to be utterly & completely blameless & helpless.

    • AMEN

      • Mark;
        It regularly amazes me how often I get people coming back at me, foaming at the mouth, when I say that (I particularly liked the mother of a 20-something who wished me & all pain patients agonizing deaths & eternity in Hell b/c WE ruined her son’s life: he took some pills out of a bowl of drugs at a frat party & they ruined his life & chance for medical school & now he just sits in her basement…& it was all the fault of CPPs).

        Thank you!

        • I get why they won’t make a distinction between the stat for chronic pain opioid use and everything else. There wouldn’t be an epidemic anymore. Jig would be up. But you can still find the info with a quick Google search. It isn’t even a hidden fact that long term opioid use due to chronic pain is rarely seen in addiction cases. Not to opioids. Yet, because we take them, it’s our fault massive amounts of street drugs are flooding into the states and people are dropping like flies. Or that pharma “missed” MILLIONS of scripts coming out of towns with populations of 5k. Oppsie still chronic pain pts fault.

          We look so stupid

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