Where your Rx dollars are really going to – pharmacy shows NEGATIVE 81% PROFIT

A pharmacist posted this. In what business would a -84% profit be acceptable? Imagine what would happen to any business where the middlemen who own similar businesses were allowed to take the profits of their competition and make them lose money for providing a service to patients! This is what’s happening to our pharmacists. This is unethical and must be stopped. PBMS such as Optum RX, CVS Caremark, and Express Scripts are doing this daily to your trusted pharmacists! Independent pharmacists’ survival is our survival. The ability to have patient care from a business without shareholders is vital to our lives and the future of pharmaceutical care and health care in general. Dear PBMs, employers, and insurance co’s, per consumer reports, PATIENTS PREFER INDEPENDENT PHARMACY! The original tweet: ” #ExpressScripts. Killing pharmacy 1 Advair diskus at a time. Hope UPMC Health Plan sees what their #PBM is doing to the small businesses that serve their customers”


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  1. I went to a doc-in-a-box Sunday morning, b/c my month-long bronchitis felt like it was joined by pneumonia (the doc thought so, too). My small pharm isn’t open on Sunday so I went to a cvs…I felt like such a traitor!! I’d vowed never to go to them (or any of the other big chains) again, but…I desperately need those meds & mine wasn’t open til today. I still feel sleazy.

    • Get better. Pound some Vitamin-C if you haven’t already. Be careful, what I insisted was pneumonia (I literally can’t trust docs anymore – I do ‘our’ docs) for six months was heart failure.

      • thank you! I actually even got real cough medicine along with the antibiotic & pred, & it’s easing. And yup, been doing lotsa Vite C since it first started, hoping it would go away on its own (tho I knew it wouldn’t, I’ve had both a lot…lousy respiratory system).

        That’s horrible & scary that you suffered that long with heart failure…hope you were able to find a doc that could do something.

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