2017 in review … what killed us

Today is 09/22/2018.. who will not be here tomorrow 2016 in review … what killed us 6775 Americans will die EVERY DAY – from various reasons 2700 people  WILL ATTEMPT SUICIDE 140 will be SUCCESSFUL – including 20 veterans 270 will die from hospital acquired antibiotic resistant “bug” because staff won’t properly wash hands and/or […]

The CDC and their fabricated data ?

A little CDC.gov forced honesty from their new report released 8/31/18: Opioid deaths: 14,487 out of a total of 325.7 million people in the US died in 2016 from LEGAL PRESCRIPTION opioids. That’s .000004% of the population! Now why is there a hysteria over PRESCRIPTION opioids? Good question! Especially when alcohol related deaths are 88,000 […]

emergency room she was denied any pain medication ..even during debridement

For people who think that the refusal to treat pain is just for chronic pain patients and they don’t feel that they shouldn’t help fix this issue. she got severely burned on her arm and went to the emergency room she was denied any pain medication while she was there and was sent home with […]

$100K per year of life gained: CVS’ move to let insurers cap drug prices sparks intense controversy

$100K per year of life gained: CVS’ move to let insurers cap drug prices sparks intense controversy https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2018/09/21/drug-prices Amid an industry-wide debate on how to stem drug price increases, CVS launched a new program to allow self-funded insurers to deny coverage for certain treatments deemed too expensive—a move that is sparking intense industry debate, Vox […]

Local chronic pain sufferers protest opioid restrictions at the capitol

https://www.channel3000.com/news/local-chronic-pain-sufferers-protest-opioid-restrictions-at-the-capitol-1/796876048 On Tuesday morning, a group of people gathered in the Wisconsin capitol rotunda to tell their stories of chronic pain and protest guidelines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put on opioids in an attempt to stop the addiction epidemic. Dr. Mandira N Mehra – Reviews Pain Medicine Madison, WI   https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Mandira_Mehra/reviews  3.3 Stars – […]

AG Session: sizable number of physicians who were over prescribing opioid pain pills, which were not helping people get well

Utilizing the palliative care “loophole” in chronic pain management www.medium.com/@aaronsells/utilizing-the-palliative-care-loophole-in-chronic-pain-management-6a25611a6f21 The DOJ is successfully escalating angst among general practitioners, who are already reluctant to prescribe narcotics above guidelines, (that were established by the CDC), out of fear of being targeted as outliers by the DEA. In turn, many patients with intractable pain are forced to, […]

Opioid bill takes aim at doctors as well as pharmaceutical companies

This week, the Senate passed a major bipartisan bill that addresses the opioid epidemic, one U.S. Senator Maria Catwell says will help in Washington state. Just two years ago, 700 people in our state died of opioid overdoses, mostly in king, Snohomish and Pierce counties. On Wednesday, sheriffs from each of those counties backed this […]

spinal injections the only option for pts ?

Disabled Oregonians Suicide Rate Increasing! “Opioid Epidemic” is NOT AN EXCUSE TO ALLOW SUFFERING!

Senator Bill Nelson is up for re-election in Nov – and is CLUELESS about opiates/chronic pain/substance abuse

This is a email that I received from Senator Bill Nelson after writing his office about HR-6 BEFORE THE SENATE VOTED Dear Mr. Ariens: Thank you for writing to me regarding pain management and access to prescription pain medication. I have heard from many Floridians about their difficulties obtaining prescribed pain medication, and I appreciate […]

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