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  1. My mother had an allergic reaction to the pneumonia vaccine. She had a lot of pain in her lower back. It was HORRIFIC for her.

    Sorry I got off point.

    I have not had a flu shot in 30 years. It’s a hit or miss shot with all the variations on the different versions of the flu. I’ve never had the flu 1x and my pain, or the lack of treatment of it, keeps me isolated from others.

    I cannot apologize for not getting one. I have I no trust or faith in anything that comes out of the CDC.

  2. Steve, What is your opinion about getting a flu vaccine? I’m 67 and always got one up until this year. I have been reading terrible things about vaccines (if you take 5 years in a row you are at increased risk for dementia memory loss, etc.)

    I they do more harm than good, I don’t want one.

    • I am 71 and I have mine scheduled for next week. and can’t remember when I have not taken one

      • I almost died twice right after flu shot. The first time I had allergic reaction and got the worst flu ever. Second time allergic reaction, and now I have been told I cannot do it because the medicine actually has latex base in it which I am allergic along with sulfa. Why would those two things even be in a flu shot

        • Jeannie; your getting “the worst flu ever” didn’t have anything to do with getting a flu shot. As for allergies, a few people will be allergic to anything in any injection; there’s not many substances in the universe that SOMEONE isn’t allergic to. They have to put various things into injectable meds so they are stable, sterile, and have a decent shelf life. Once you know you’re allergic to something commonly put into injectable meds, you should check before getting future injections.

          People with known allergies should check; those without should get the flu shot. As the headline says, it’s not just about you. Immunizations only work when enough people get immunized; that’s why they call it “herd immunity.”

      • Joe and I are getting ours on Wednesday. So many of our friends didn’t get the vaccines and were hit hard last season

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