CIAAG Calls for Pain management as Human Right to the United Nations

Lauren Deluca, founding president of Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group (CIAAG), addressed the United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs today on the effects of the United States’ opioid crisis policies on chronic pain patients. CIAAG also proposed practical solutions to help monitor opioid use and ensure patients access to essential healthcare. Ms. Deluca warned, “Failure to protect patients’ rights to access essential medications and healthcare, will result in the loss of innocent lives through suicide, and inflate an already deadly issue into a human rights crisis.” Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group is working with Elected Officials and the patient community to help restore balance between protecting the public health from drug abuse and the safe, essential access to opioid analgesics for the chronically ill, older persons, and persons with disabilities. Learn more at

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  2. Lauren gave a heartfelt, accurate diagnosis for the needlessly worsening pain management practices in the US. I never imagined that generations of Americans would be subject to totally involuntary reduction in the last effective therapy of pain management for patients with Zero choice but to use an effective dosage of opiate/opioid medication. I feel like a guinea pig for sure as “pill” prescribing, the “pill count” has been lowered through the actions of one medical agencies “recommendations” for prescribing physicians and then Fully enforced to the letter by a law enforcement agency. Stop the illicit substances and the overdose issue may actually be reduced somewhat. Years now of the CDC “guideline” policy for medication prescribing physicians with all the “trimmings”, e-scribe, pharmacy participation of “watchfulness” (invading hippa law), and threats of license revocation to our doctors is causing havoc among a great many people that have not had any right to REFUSE participation in the experiment to reduce ALL opiate medication consumption even when we are documented and approved by our doctors that are professionals in their respective fields. How long will it take for a wrong to be righted? No one thinking with this “guideline” authoring, no one cares or follow the money? Dot/gov says wait, until we can produce ANOTHER abuse deterrent application? A “better” pain management therapy or medication? NO the lawmakers simply just deny the medication, the last effective for millions of patients medication……..period. Well done Lauren Deluca.

  3. For educational purposes here.only..The UN already acknowledges that denial of access to effective physical pain care is torture…The problem is America will not acknowledge it as a human right ,nor torture!..Our America is the problem,,,,The U.N lacks legal authority in America,,for they are not 1 country per sae,,,However,,there is 1 agency that actually would be willing to bring America into a court room,,,in both America’s court systems and whats called the World Court,,, for Torture in the health care setting..See America will claim,,”lawful sanctions,,”and now that part of Canada wants to continue this war on drugs,,they did not help stop our torture either.For America also will claim,,if other countries agree that the torture is needed,,its ok to torture us,,,sickening aint it..Basically America is saying only our country can decide what torture is ,,no-other country can decide what torture is,,Unless they are brought up on charges of torture by a lawfirm w/ jurisdiction in America..America can be charged w/torture,,,for torture is illegal in all nations,,,however,,,that will be America defense,,”lawful sanctions,”..No-one can predict if America would win this court battle,,,to torture,torture to death their own pre-exising chronic medically ill citizens.Soo jmo,,I think it is well worth the attempt to formally charge America with torture,torturing to death is own citizens,,with soo many of us in FORCED physical pain now a days,and many of us literally being tortured to death…..jmo,,maryw

  4. Lauren was awesome! I applaud her and appreciate her so much. ❤️
    Now to get this video sent out to All gov officials and Media channels!! So Very IMPORTANT to not let this get Buried. We need to bring this Out into the Light.

  5. pss,,,good job,,,jmo,,,maryw

  6. U.N already recognizes pain treatment as a human right sooo she should have no problem w/the narcotics boards,,maryw

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