2017 in review … what killed us

Today is 07/23/2018.. who will not be here tomorrow 2016 in review … what killed us 6775 Americans will die EVERY DAY – from various reasons 2700 people  WILL ATTEMPT SUICIDE 140 will be SUCCESSFUL – including 20 veterans 270 will die from hospital acquired antibiotic resistant “bug” because staff won’t properly wash hands and/or […]

Gwinnett County GA: Sheriff’s Office use drug money to buy 707 hp Dodge Charger Hellcat top end 204 MPH

Feds order Georgia sheriff to return $69G spent on Hellcat muscle car http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/07/20/feds-order-georgia-sheriff-to-return-69g-spent-on-hellcat-muscle-car.html A Georgia police department is in hot water over the purchase of a Hellcat muscle car. Fox 5 reports that the U.S. Department of Justice has asked the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office to pay back $69,258 that it received from a federal […]

Tough reelection? Sponsor an opioid bill

Tough reelection? Sponsor an opioid bill Most of the bills sponsored by vulnerable lawmakers are not controversial, in part because they don’t designate new spending https://www.politico.com/story/2018/06/16/lawmakers-opioid-bills-midterms-624926 Everybody wants their name on a bill addressing the opioid crisis — especially Republicans facing tough reelection battles. That’s why House leadership will bring more than 70 such bills […]

Congress Demands Justice Department Return Millions “Seized Unfairly” From Taxpayers- beginning of the end for civil asset forfeiture ?

https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicksibilla/2018/07/20/congress-demands-justice-department-return-millions-seized-unfairly-from-taxpayers/#2fa782421043 In the latest salvo against civil forfeiture, 21 Republican Members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday that demanded the Justice Department “immediately return” up to $22 million that was “seized unfairly by the government.” Using civil forfeiture, the Internal Revenue Service raided bank accounts from hundreds of owners […]

” 100 yr dash” for a chain pharmacy technician ?

How do i get faster? I’m told I’m too slow. 80 seconds to grab medication. Count it. And label the bottle and place in the rack is too slow. 150 seconds to greet the customer. Get their medication. Take care of any issues and bag their stuff is too slow. I need to cut that […]

Drug Firms Blame Opioid Crisis on Illicit Websites, Dealers -filing lawsuits

Drug Firms Blame Opioid Crisis on Illicit Websites, Dealers https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-19/drug-companies-seek-to-blame-opioid-crisis-on-illegal-dealers Two pharmaceutical companies say the real culprits in the opioids epidemic are illegal dealers of the painkillers and want them to be on the hook financially for any damages potentially assessed against drugmakers. Endo International Plc and Mallinckrodt Plc sued a host of convicted drug […]

KARMA – can be a BITCH !

I did this post a few days ago My Pharmacist Humiliated Me When He Refused to Fill My Hormone Prescription and ACLU cares about this denial Below are a few posts from a Face Book page…. apparently from some techs that worked with this particular pharmacist and the issue was from back in April  but […]

In the trenches: Behind the counter with 3 pharmacists

I normally don’t put IMO at the front of posts but … I wanted to increase the probability of this one being read… this article compares three very different Rx dept and how they function…  Both of the chain pharmacists mention substance abuse in one form or another and technician staffing issues and or justification […]

#CBS News Appalling Coverage

This video is not only about the appalling coverage by CBS News but all major news outlets. I could just as easily of named Fox News, the Washington Post or even Andrea McCarren of WUSA Channel 9, Washington DC (another CBS affiliate) who has now blocked me on Tweeter for requesting her assistance in exposing […]

California: pharmacies are not required to report prescription errors.

Family says pharmacy made a dangerous prescription mistake https://www.10news.com/longform/team10-family-says-pharmacy-made-a-dangerous-prescription-mistake An east county family is asking a pharmacy to change its protocols after they say the wrong dosage information on their child’s prescription almost put him in the hospital. This latest case is another example of errors that state officials might not know about.  “I am […]

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