Would a national health insurance -Medicare for all – be good for the pts ?

Every other year during our “election year” the discussion seems to always turn to some form of national health insurance and/or Medicare for all.

There was an attempt in 2010 with The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) that was signed into law by President Obama.

It has had mixed results, those who were eligible for premium supplements and who basically were paying low premiums and placed on Medicaid. Those that were not eligible … it was reported dramatically increased premiums and deductibles over what they have been paying on their previous health insurance policies

Some believe that ACA was originally designed to FAIL.. so that an “emergency situation” could be created to that some sort of national health insurance could be quickly implemented to “save the day”.

You may have to go back to a quote by  Rahm Emanuel , Obama’s first chief of staff and current Mayor of Chicago :

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

For good or bad…  ACA never reached that point…

In order to propose such a massive health insurance program… numbers are important:

This country’s annual healthcare tab is around FOUR TRILLION and our current national budget is also around FOUR BILLION.  OF course, some of that 4 trillion healthcare tab is included in the national budget… with Medicare/Medicaid, Military/Tricare and government workers.

We are approaching a point were nearly 50% of households…. PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES

It is also claimed that if the Feds confiscated all the ASSETS of all the Millionaires and Billionaires that it MAY COVER abt 10% of all the UNFUNDED PROMISES that Congress has made to the citizens in our country.

We could move toward a more socialist’s type of system but then there is   Margaret Thatcher’s opinion of socialism:  The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money

Let’s just imagine that all the various financing/money issues are resolved.

Then let’s look at how things – regarding healthcare in this country – especially over the last decade or so.

In 2006, Medicare for the first time had prescription coverage… but … the prescription coverage was handed over to the FOR PROFIT insurance industry, here we are 12 yrs later with three Part D providers controlling about 80%+ of a seniors/disabled.  Have any of you noticed – that have Part D insurance – that what meds are paid for without quantity limits and/or prior authorization requirements have decreased and co-pays have INCREASED.

All we have to do is look at what has happened during this decade… the war on drugs started ramping up during the 2011 – 2012 period.. then the CDC got into the action with their opiate guidelines

Don’t forget all the stories from the Veteran’s Administration… people waiting for months to see a doctor, 22 vets a day committing suicide for various reasons.

There has been various states, insurance companies, PMB’s, and other who have decided what is and is not appropriate care for treating pain…from acute to intractable chronic.

The State of Oregon has a proposal out there right now that they will stop paying for all OPIATES for MEDICAID pts sometime in 2019. Typically what Medicare or Medicaid does… the rest of the insurance industry soon follows their lead.

It is claimed that our healthcare system spends 2-3 times more than other “civilized nations” and many seem to ignore the fact that other nations don’t have the multitude of middlemen with their builtin cost infrastructure and goal to generate a profit.

Given the fact that the insurance industries has one of the top five best funded lobbyists groups, part of the DC lobbyists industry that spends 9+ million/day on the 535 member of Congress to get Congress to pass laws that benefit their particular industry that is paying them.

Just remember the old saying…”those who have the GOLD… makes the rules…” or in the case of a national health insurance… “those who pay the bills… decides what and how much care a person gets …”

Getting coverage for pre-existing issues may be just be the beginning of each of us getting appropriate healthcare

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    • Actually Hope,,,thank u for the important info,,never knew about this 1,,Any wisco people,,This is Ron Johnson committee he’s on,,just fyi,,important stuff,,jmo,,,maryw

  1. Well,,I find ,”Hopes,” comment very very telling..As it was stated before,,all if not most chronic pain patients,,,hence the word chronic,,,are pre-existing condition, The real reason for all this forced physical pain,,new laws,regulation etc,,,IT WAS NEVER EVER ABOUT SOME BULLSHIT CRISIS,, and why Pence wanted Trump to deem it a ,”emergancy,” The government exploited those parents of ADULT o,d’s, as excuses,,a ,”false flag”,’;;; if u will,,to legislate us,,the pre-exister our of the medical insurance coverage!!!!The truth is being exposed,little by little,,,We all knew it was about $$$,,,and this proves it..This also proves every single International commisioners,Nation that is calling out the U.S.A,, for inhumane treatment,tortureing our medically ill literally too death,,,are dead on,,,it is torture.genocide to kill off your ”pre-exister/chronic medically ill patients for $$$$..
    Now getting to a national health care,,I firmy believe everyone has a legal rite to access to effective medical care..however,,judging how corrupt our government has proven to be,,I feel at the current time,,,these corruptions need to be address soo they can never ever happen again..On a personal note,,,my family is on a health care insurance plan that s kinda like a,” for all,” system for government county employee’s,,,and it has proven corrupt..My surgeon is also thee medical director of the hospital ,Hes also on the board on thee insurance company..This a-hole had/has access to my medical records,,and has already tamper’d w/them..Out right changed/delete the surgeon original report,/he was the surgeon,,and put a new one in,,Purposely keeping out all reason 2 other doctor were using to go back in laparoscopically to see what the hell swells up inside so badly,,that a thoracic lamectomy never heals,,broken ribs are never healing,,and what ever it is,,it is swelling,bruising my skin from the inside out.Soo this surgeon,who is totally in control of all aspect of people care w/this insurance has proven in a ,”for all” type system,,he has abused his ,power and authority..Soo I fear ,in the current climate,,a ,”for all,” system,,would not work,,it would be soooo corrupt,,,more will die,,,.But boy,,u wanta piss people off more,,,take away pre-existing coverage,,,,GOOD,,, piss off more,,,maybe the public will wake up,,finally to this torture/genocide of the medically ill in America to save a buck,,,,sickening,,maryw

  2. First, do not assume we will continue to have protections for pre-existing conditions. The Trump Administration is,helping defend a,lawsuit in Texas. Twenty states have signed on. If the lawsuit is one. Pre-existing conditions will no longer be protected under the ACA.

    This,will immediately affect those buying their health insurance. It is possible it could affect employers insurance in the future.

    Second, CMS has,proposed paying all doctors one fee. That means specialist who treat complicated patients. will receive the same payment a PCP receives for a short uncomplicated visit. Fewer and fewer specialists will accept Medicare.

    This administration is slowly and,quietly moving everyone on Medicare towards Medicare Advantages Plans. You must see,doctors,and providers,that accept your MAP. Those receiving Medicare.,will no longer have their choice of doctors and providers. They also make it harder for certain medications, treatment, procedures, etc to be approved.

    Third, CMS recently issued a statement. they will deny all state waivers for single payers.

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