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  1. I was unable to hear anything she was saying.

  2. OMG Bless her heart! Does anyone have the name and phone numbers that we need to call? Lauren Deluca has fought hard for the pain Community.
    Did they do this because she’s fighting back for pain care? This isn’t acceptable!
    We all need to help her anyway we can. I’ll be happy to make calls if I have phone numbers. I don’t know what state she lives to contact the Politicians there.
    Email to me at goldenmain517@gmail.com

    I also know what she feels like. I’m sure many of us do these days. It’s a scary time we’re all living these days. We need to FIGHT BACK for our pain care, health and Human Rights.
    Fight this harder than ever !
    Let’s Not be defeated. I know it feels like we are but completely yet.

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