97% of Congress voted for this law designed to DENY CHRONIC PAIN PTS APPROPRIATE THERAPY

10/03/2018 Senate Senate agreed to the House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.R. 6. by Yea-Nay Vote. 98 – 1. Record Vote Number: 221.
09/17/2018 Senate Passed Senate with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 99 – 1. Record Vote Number: 210.
06/22/2018-12:03pm House On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 396 – 14 (Roll no. 288). (text: CR H5522-5560)


DEA Channels Stalin: ‘Suspicious Orders’ of Opioids? Just Say Nyet


Here are five things we really don’t need:

  1. Further restrictions on prescription opioid drugs. They have been a disaster by any measure. (1)
  2. More power for the DEA to misuse.
  3. Forcing doctors and other healthcare providers to effectively become another arm of law enforcement.
  4. Further erosion of our rights to a personal and private relationship with our doctors.
  5. A bunch of chuckleheads who passed a law making all of this possible.

Unfortunately, as of October 23rd, we got all five. There is some scary stuff going on. One of the physicians who I collaborate with gave me an early heads up about an atrocity that just became reality thanks to a misguided and misnamed law. The atrocity is called Suspicious Orders Report System (SORS), and if this conjures up memories of Stalinist Russia, where everyone was spying on everyone else, you’re not alone.

Original image: Asia News

SORS came into being thanks to a new law called Substance Use-Disorder Prevention That Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment For Patients And Communities Act, aka, Public Law 115-271 115thCongress. The law was introduced in 2018 by Representative Greg Walden (R-OR). It can’t be the least bit surprising that this dangerous law originated in Oregon (2).

In case you haven’t noticed, the acronym for the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention That Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment For Patients And Communities Act is the SUPPORT Act. I really hate to use Stalin and Orwell in the same article (so trite) but it is unavoidable here.

SUPPORT????? Are they kidding? It is anything but, something that will quickly become obvious in a moment.

Earlier this week I wrote about a report in Public Health Reports, the official journal of the Office of the Surgeon General), (2) which concluded in no uncertain terms that prescription opioids play only a very minor role in overdose deaths in the US – something that has been obvious for quite some time.

So, perhaps this country will finally come to its senses, right? 

No. Quite the opposite.

Here’s what Greg Walden and his comrades buddies came up with. It’s horrifying.

  • Distributor
  • Manufacturer
  • Importer
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital/Clinic
  • Teaching Institution
  • Practitioner
  • Mid-Level Practitioner
  • Mid-Level Practitioner-Ambulance Service
  • Researcher
  • Analytical Lab
  • Narcotic Treatment Program (NTP)

In other words, anyone who might get within one zip code of a Vicodin pill will be required to report any of the following “suspicious acts” to the SORS Gestapo, where it will go into a database.

“The SUPPORT Act states the term “suspicious order” may include, but is not limited to”:

  • An order of a controlled substance of unusual size
  • An order of a controlled substance deviating substantially from a normal pattern
  • Orders of controlled substances of unusual frequency

When the physician, who wisely wishes to remain anonymous, wrote to me he/she also included some comments along with his/her email (emphasis mine).

The DEA has launched a new program as part of the initiative to discourage legitimate prescription of opioid analgesics.

The Suspicious Orders Report System (SORS) is a new online centralized database required by the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act. Pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, doctors and even EMS workers are now required to report a “suspicious order” to the centralized database established by DEA (SORS Online).

A “suspicious order” may include, but is not limited to: an order of a controlled substance of unusual size; an order of a controlled substance deviating substantially from a normal pattern, and; orders of controlled substances of unusual frequency constitutes compliance with the reporting requirement under 21 U.S.C. 832(a)(3).

Doctors beware, Big Brother DEA is watching you.

Anonymous, October 23, 2019

My take? The DEA has failed miserably in keeping illicit fentanyl and its analogs out of this country (3) so the agency, like lawmakers, has doubled down on pills, even as more and more evidence emerges that pills are not only not the primary (or even close) culprit in causing overdose deaths, but there is a real inverse relationship between the number of prescriptions and overdoses, something I have written about numerous times in the past. 

So, pain patients, already suffering mightily because they can no longer get the medications they need, will suffer more. Doctors, who are already being targeted by law enforcement agencies for trying to do their jobs properly will face additional pressure to not prescribe painkilling medications. And addicts, who have been dying in increasing numbers as pills become harder to come by, will be sitting ducks for street fentanyl. OD deaths will continue to rise and probably even more so because the people who really need help and support will instead get SUPPORT.

There isn’t much more to say.


(1) See Gee, Pain Pills Are Not Killers. And The Sun Rises In The East. Who Knew?

(2) Oregon is arguably the cruelest state in the nation for pain patients. See Shades Of Tuskegee – Oregon’s Monstrous Experiments On Poor Pain Patients

(3) To be fair, keeping illicit fentanyl out of the US is just about impossible. It is easy to make and transport, hard to detect, and you don’t need a lot of it because of its potency. I have to cut DEA a break here. But to project success by going after pills, something that is rather easy to do is wrong on every level. If X punches you in the face you don’t hit Y.

About a year ago 97% of voting members (25 members of the House did not vote) voted in favor of this particular law. Anyone believes that the member of the House or Senate with a particular political  letter behind their name  <D> or <R> will help those legit chronic pain pts get their medically necessary treatments…  This  115th Congress has been EXTREMELY PARTISAN  since they were swore into office… with seemingly the exception of this particular bill… where it was passed with a nearly unanimous vote in favor of denying chronic pain pts their medically necessary therapy.

Since the vast majority of chronic painers are on Medicare or Medicaid… is this Congress’ backdoor approach to help extend the “viable life” of the various “trust funds” that pay for SS, Medicare & Medicaid ?

Who thinks that SUICIDES within the chronic pain community are going to increase exponentially ?

Is it finally time for the chronic pain community to establish a legal defense fund ?  10% of the estimated 100 million chronic pain community started donating $10/month to a non-profit legal defense fund…  Imagine at the end of the first month the defense fund could be sitting on TEN MILLION DOLLARS

and it will have law firms, PR firms, and Lobbying firms beating a path to its door… WANTING TO HELP !

If you are a chronic pain pt… have you yet have the sense that you now – or soon will have – a TARGET ON YOUR BACK ?   The state AG’s are going after $$  from anyone that “touches a opiate” Certain people who claim to be “experts” are testifying at these hearings … getting paid $600 +/hr   Form DEA employees are going after $$ to help legal firm go after $$$

‘Business decision’: Former DEA official works for opioid lawyers but set standards for how many pills were made

They are looking to put dollars in their pockets and will never SHARE YOUR PAIN and may end up causing your pain to become UNTREATED and how many within the community that can say that they will NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE OF THEIR UNTREATED PAIN ?  Even if you don’t commit suicide… your untreated pain could cause your other co-morbidity issues to worse and you end up dying of “natural causes”  Just look at this chart …



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  1. Every time I think this can’t get any worse it does! I don’t know how much longer I can live with this excruciating pain . In TIRED of the government involving themselves in my healthcare due to an ILLICIT FENTANYL CRISIS … NOT A PRESCRIPTION DRUG CRISIS!!! I honestly do not know how much longer I can hang on. Then I think of my 13 year old autistic daughter who I KNOW needs me but I don’t know how much more torture I can take .

  2. […] 97% of Congress voted for this law designed to DENY CHRONIC PAIN PTS APPROPRIATE THERAPY […]

  3. Doctors (and Patients) of Courage is running the Communication Campaign to get all interested people motivated and actively involved in changing the status quo in Washington, state and local government. Doctors (and Patients) FB page is accepting members interested in evoking change (and we’ve removed the requirement of being a member of the DoC membership site). What we want on the FB page is if a person posts an article from the media, that you write a response, give the email address, and allow others to copy and paste so the media hears from a large number of people saying the same thing, showing solidarity. This is also important to get the message to the incumbents in government, but for the most part, we need to work on voting all the incumbents out, because of votes like this one.

    So everyone interested should be joining us on our webinar every Monday night at 8PM ET. We have also set up a page for the 2020 election. Information will be put there as it becomes available.

    DoC has attempted in the past to be a non-profit for pain advocacy. But no one stepped up to help. I (Dr. Cheek) have been on other 501(c)(3) organizations, and understands the seriousness of becoming one. Personally, I don’t think I (or DoC) have the necessary backing from the CPP community to organize one. But I support any other organization that wants to take that on.

    What DoC does have, however, is the knowledge that will end the opioid fiasco, if people would just accept it before it is too late.

  4. Quit denying painful unimaginable conditions proper pain management! You have no idea of its magnitude of torture it can do to your life, hopefully you never have to deal with it! We are being severely tortured and completely neglected by this! By god quit down playing pain! It’s evil web we weave that needs recognized , published and especially prompt Attention!

  5. Yeah!

    Social workers are telling patients to cultivate a heroin connection! They are still not tracking the suicides. At least the pharmaceutical industry has cashed in on all of this death and despair.

  6. Three months ago I was Denied my medically necessary prescriptions. I have been with this small family owned pharmacy for years. Three months ago I was unexpectedly asked for my drivers license which expired in March of this year. I’m sick, [mostly from all of the fraudulaNT “MEDICATIONS”]. i HAD TO HAVE A FRIEND OR MY SISTER GIVE/SCAN THEIR dRIVER LICENSE INTO THE COMPUTER. wHEN i ASKED WHAT THIS IS ABOUT; i HAVE PLENTY OTHER FORMS OF id, THEY SAID tHE dea IS MAKING THEM DO THIS. cOMMUNIST rUSSIA ? jUST a HUGE gOVERNMENT PLANNED HOLOCAUST. WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS AND WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR MOST BASI RIGHTS. cANT WE SUE THE DEA ????

  7. Steve, I have seen on here CPP wanting to donate, but they dont know where.I have also seen all over the internet, CPP that have donated to different Advocacy web sites and then never seen anymore about what was done with the donations.I personally have been willing to donate but have a problem with TRUST. I think CPP would be glad to repeatedly donate, if it were to a well known person in charge that showed the progress of the donations, and ideas of moving forward with a plan. Showing it all online where all can see and be inspired tohelp keepthe plans moving forward. It is important to CPP to be donated to someone already known ans someone that has already shown the community they can be trusted because they have already proven to CPP that they care.The first person I thought of was ……..YOU or Red Lawhern, but then I thought it should be organized and ran by a two person team, then no one person has to shoulder the reponsibilities alone. This two person idea could be just the beginning, the donation phase. It always helps to have two minds with different perspectives for ideas etc…Then maybe others could help with the lawfirm phase. The two main brains though have to be those well known, trusted and appreciated people that the CPP community already believes in and loves. This is just a few thoughts……….

    • a few years back another chronic pain pt and myself tried to get a defense fund started… got very good coverage that the chronic pain community should have seen… after about 30 days we had amassed abt $600 from a couple dozen pts including two pts that donated $100 each… it was estimated that it would cost $2000- $3000 legal expense to form the non-profit corporation… so we folded our tent and returned the donations to those who had donated. I may have been a little too early to try raising money for a defense fund, but unity among those in the chronic pain community has certainly not gotten any better.

    • Claudia Merandi of DPPR (Don’t Punish Pain Rallies, is Highly Involved, has National Rallies, etc. She is on Shows News, Podcasts; Heavy Hitter!! And Effective!!!! Check it out online search for Don’t Punish Pain or better yet her name; She’s getting calls from legislators, Physicians, Attorneys and we are gaining momentum!! Search her Name and Share with all SUFFERER’S You know! WE CAN BEAT THIS!!! CLAUDIA MERANDI and she has all Social Media and links to a ton of Resources. I was amazed; I knew Nothing about anyone helping; Exhausted without My Meds, but trying to fight to the End on this!!

    • and great thoughts they are. I also would be more than willing to donate, and yes, there must be trust and oversight. I did mention it to Red, but, no reply. I really was being selfish calling on him as he already does so much. I know we’ve got to halt this crazy train before it arrives at the TERMINAL!! Count me in- I don’t have alot, but I can’t think of a better place to put it!!!

  8. My 24 year old daughter has been tapered to the point of being bed ridden for past 2 years
    They don’t care that mentally and physically she kept deteriorating
    Her genetic disorder causes fragile collagen so she can dislocate her shoulders or spine with no trauma
    Her skin heart kidneys lungs nervous system is degenerating
    They know not being able to move around was going to cause her body to decline
    For 2 years she was having weird symptoms when she stood up or sat up : neck pain blinding migraines double vision balance problems and clear fluid was leaking from her ears
    Because she’s a chronic pain patient no one believed her no one we begged and pleaded with would do a simple X-ray
    In July her new pain doctor was alarmed and got the images she need. When she is upright her cervical spine is subluxating putting pressure on her spinal cord
    She has Chiari malformation too
    The degree of laxity in her neck is so severe they are worried about internal decapitation
    But after years of suffering being called a drug addict crazy etc she’s decided to enter hospice and let nature take its course
    She’s suffered so much abuse from doctors and nurses while inpatient sometimes nurses would refuse to give her any medication during their shifts because they didn’t believe she was in pain. Charge nurse always took their side saying their license was on the line and they could refuse to give any patient anything if they thought there was any risk
    My daughter has been broken by the blatant discrimination pain patients face. So much so she’s too terrified to have 2 major neurosurgeries because they never get her pain under control after surgery
    So thank you my stupid government you killed my daughter
    No one wanted her to have any quality of life they just wanted to get her to a certain amount of medication no matter the consequences
    My only comfort is she won’t be suffering much longer

    • Her fears are well-founded, unfortunately! I am 33 and have had 8 brain surgeries, starting at age 22. Only one of them had good pain control after. The others were awful, and one was so bad I literally got PTSD and refused any further ops until I started to go blind. (I was abducted as a kid so I don’t use the PTSD term lightly. When I say that, I’m not being dramatic. I literally wouldn’t go near the hospital for years, and didn’t go to my post-op appointments either.) Those were the most physically painful 24 hours of my life (long story) where I was in so much pain that it caused vomiting with such force that the blood vessels in my head burst! My face appeared bruised, and my eyes were FILLED with blood! You could see my blue iris, black pupil, and zero white – the usually-white places were all red from all the blood. Never happened before or since, it was solely because of the level of pain. I didn’t know the human body was literally capable of feeling that much pain, or that you could continue to do things like breathe while feeling it. I was desperate to die, prayed to die, and would’ve killed myself then & there (despite not being suicidal earlier that day when I entered the hospital for surgery – this was not an already-suicidal person thinking like this, it was solely from the pain). I was in too much pain to kill myself, it would’ve required me to move and I was unable to from the pain. When I say there are no words for that level of pain, I mean it. Trying to describe it, I’m realizing, is pointless because there is just no way to explain it. As I said, I’ve had 8 brain surgeries, and also had abdominal surgery once as a kid & I have daily migraines – not headaches, actual migraines – which are unrelated to the disease I have the brain ops for. All of that to say, I know what pain is. But this level of pain… I can’t. I can’t even describe the tiniest bit of it. There are just no words. I’m so sorry your girl has the fears I had and all I can say is that I am glad I eventually got the further ops I needed. Please find her a new surgeon! Switching to my current one (my third neurosurgeon overall) has made ALL the difference! He even put me in ICU so they could load me up on painkillers while inpatient, which they refused to do in a normal room due to the risk of breathing issues. Still had trouble with pain relief once discharged but having good pain control in those first few days made the outpatient part SO much better!

      I was denied pain relief upon discharge from the surgery which caused the above experience, despite them seeing the blood in my eyes and having watched me scream and pray to die. I was told – verbatim now – “We don’t do that” when I asked for pain medication to take home. I’d been in ICU, had my brain operated on, and a couple days later sent home without ANY pain medication. Thankfully I’ve got a new surgeon now and although the amount I get after ops with him isn’t ideal, he does EVERYTHING he can to control pain while hospitalized and does still give me something. Get your girl a new neurosurgeon ASAP! Good ones DO exist!

      • She’s decided to enter hospice because not only does she have medical ptsd from verbal abuse about her pain and nurses refusing to give her her medications she was assaulted in ICU by another nurse who had an issue that a was overly devoted to her and complained she was spoiled because I didn’t leave her while she was being treated for sepsis
        Well I don’t think most parents would!!!!
        This nurse on her last day in ICU while I ran home to get a shower and change of clothes
        Took my daughter into the shower in ICU and physically attacked her. My daughter had scratches all over her. They called the police and reported it to the nursing board but nothing ever came of it because her injuries weren’t serious enough so no attorney would take it and the police said “ it’s not like she was beaten with a lead pipe “ and just let it drop
        So my daughter has been thru too much to try a surgery that no one is sure will even hold. She has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome so her tissue is very fragile she’s a surgical nightmare
        Her malnutrition is so bad that’s how she qualified for hospice and she can’t be upright for more than 5 minutes and needs hands on assistance at all times
        She’s just sick of it sick of the abuse and they say it’s her decision and I have to accept it
        But it’s hard because it was avoidable had they just done a damn X-ray 2 years ago!!

    • I just re-read this and saw she has Chiari! I am borderline for that but just on the cusp of whether it’s that or not, depending on the scan. Anyway, I have Pseudotumor Cerebri, which some call Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Does she happen to have that as well? Chiari often causes increased ICP so given her Chiari I thought I’d ask if she has PTC too. My ops have been related to the PTC.

    • I am so very sorry about your daughter.
      I watched first hand my friends daughter suffer from Chiari Malformation and the severe blinding headaches and pain she endured daily. This was before they refused medications, so she was able to administer pain relieving dosages of medications to her daughter. Have you tried seeing if she could be treated by Hospice?

      • I’ve tried getting hospice for my disease which is similar to Chiari. Now with the crackdown on pain medications, many areas have made this impossible. They say hospice is solely for end-of-life care. Fair enough, so I looked into palliative care, which is supposed to be symptom support only rather than curative care – meaning trying to make you comfortable rather than fix the problem – and again they will refuse unless you are looking at a short-term battle. It’s terrible.

      • Thank you. She’s entered hospice because she’s deteriorating and won’t attempt a surgery everyone 75 neurosurgeons have said is high risk
        So that’s where we are at. In July the subluxation was significant its only gotten worse since then
        I’m grateful the palliative care nurse was honest and told my daughter it’s ok if you’re done. You’ve been thru so much been extremely mistreated and given the degenerative nature of your illness you’re looking at more cervical fusions if this one is successful
        That’s the other issue once it’s done within 18 months or 24 depending the cervical spine below the fusion will become weak and do the exact same thing subluxate
        So I’m devastated but I’m not the one whose having to suffer for years having no quality of life

  9. So, What Now..?
    Does this mean all chronic pain patients will be cut off, & its “opioid prohibition???”
    I’ve got to tell you, I handed my (locally owned pharmacy) Pharmacist my handwritten letter, telling him that WHATEVER the manufacturers are putting in these pills is, in itself, killing me! I’ve gotten sicker and sicker each month….
    Decided to do some research, found out the brand I’ve been on for YEARS (Mallinckrodt), has now put ADF (Abuse Deterrent Formulations) in the “IR” (instant release)prescription I get every month…..
    I have various “genetic markers” w/in my blood chemistry that are not able to break these “fillers”, or whatever they are, down, & have gotten to the point where I cannot take them now.., how ingenious of them! (Never, ever had an issue before 2018…), Make the pill so toxic that “chronic painers” cannot tolerate them anyway, & wah-lah!! They will VOLUNTARILY go off them, if there is no replacement, to the sicko glee of those running this fake “crisis!”
    (Supposedly, this was known…, that some “compliant” patients would be effected.., & SUPPOSEDLY there are formulas without ADFs’ in them…, where are they??? I suppose because I have Medicare/Medicaid, I’m “excluded” from getting “real” pharmaceuticals…
    All this besides the never ending lies/cover-ups by the CDC/NIH/DOJ, etc., for countless other atrocities…
    Those running this country are an embarrassment…, $ talks, “Hunanity, Integrity, Honesty” walks…
    (There is SO much more to these crimes now…, I hope someday the Truth will be told…)

    • This is news to me! Do you know where I can find info on ADF for the short-acting/instant release medications? I got a prescription after surgery recently and although it was my usual brand, it did NOTHING for me. No pain relief at all, it was like taking Tic-Tacs. Makes me wonder if this is what happened to me!

      • Dear Michelle,
        Oh my…, I have so much to say about all this.., its INSANE that we are having this conversation, because, there is NO Dr. “Prescribed pain med crisis!!!”
        (Forgot to also mention the ‘reason’s you are/were not aware of ADF formulations, is because the FDA (‘protectors of our health”), told the Manufacturers NOT TO DISCLOSE ON THE LABEL OF THE PRESCRIPTION, (especially the generics…), that it “CONTAINS ADF…”

        Also, *****PLEASE WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY: “THE BLEEDING EDGE”, it’s on Netflix, I believe…. (it’s another piece to what’s going on in medicine…)

        I believe if you search web for “abuse deterrent formulations” (ADF) in IR (instant release) oxycodone (or, whatever pharmaceutical your taking), you will find documentation/articles on this…, the brand I researched is “Mallinckrodt”, tho I believe ALL controlled substance, “instant release” meds have some kind of ADF in them now (meant to ‘discourage’ intranasal (IN), & intravenous (IV) use of the drug***…, read all this info carefully…, this “study” was not done with MY consent, my knowledge, my opinion…, or anyone else’s out there that I know of who suffers from Chronic Pain (major decisions like this, made by people who do not suffer from persistent pain, or incurable disease, etc…, this is not a “solution” for moderste/severe pain!
        This is premeditated harm/ ‘further’ injury for those with chronic pain/illness/disability….
        This “ADF” is not something people with chronic pain, who are prescribed MEDICALLY NECESSARY, dare I say, “Life-SAVING medicarion should be having ADDED, unknowingly, to their prescription medication.., our health is already compromised…, what does THIS say to “us???” What does this say “about” “us” (according to “them…?”) What does this mean for “us…!”
        **** people are dying from “STREET DRUGS” – HEROIN & FENTANYL!!!
        … NOT prescription meds for those with Chronic pain!!!
        Why isnt the TRUTH being told???
        ….people who are dying from OD’s are using HEROIN & FENTANYL!!!!!!
        ***** NOT PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!!! *****

        The ‘proof’ of all this is right here on the web (until they take it down..), it’s out there, I’m sure b/c this way, they can “SAY” they were being “TRANSPARENT…”

        ….from what I read/saw….
        , a “gelling agent” is used to instantly coagulate the ingredients, therefore making it useless for IV users… (‘non-injectible’), also, when/if crushed by those who would use IN (intranasally.., up the nose), it would burn very badly, etc.., even to the point of physical harm…
        Why, then, is “valid”, “DR. PRESCRIBED Analgesic pain medication being tampered with..!! ????
        ****we are being relentlessly “experimented upon”, by CDC, AMA, NIH, etc…., especially those those without private insurance…, those considered “public property….” hmmmm…
        I just dont know what to do anymore, because the letters, phone calls, emails, have not seemed to do anything much…many of us are suffering thru this, feel alone, afraid, helpless/hopeless, have more & more PTSD, feel disempowered & abandoned….
        Blessings to All…,

  10. Thanks for that Steve Why does it always come on a Friday? Doesnt matter what it is..Its always on Friday so it ruins ya whole weekend..Anyway i have been trying to get a “fund” started for that reason you point out for the last 2 yrs..I dont know if there are that many C.P.P.. They dont seem to be there when its time to get behind a cause like this..We need someone with a big name maybe who will get these folks to listen n chip in..Even a $1.00 a month I there are 50 million C.P.P. thats $50 million dollars a month no? After seeing this, we are in trouble if we dont do something yesterday!!

    • Your math is correct – sort of – the administrative cost of adjudicating a $1/month contribution could considerably eat up a good chuck of the contribution. $10/month would be ideal, but $10 every 2-3 months would also not be considerably consumed by administrative costs. But it is claimed that 80% of the chronic pain community are struggling financially because the cost of therapy, spouse has left, inability to work… that still leaves 20% of 100 million… but a 20 million/month inflow of donations… would put the non-profit defense fund on the radar of a lot of law, PR, lobbyist firms VERY QUICKLY.. by the time that the BOD chose the right three firms and come to a “plan of action” based on discussion with the various firms… the balance of the fund could be approaching 100 million.. We need to do “surgical strikes” to maximize the expenditures of monies.. in the non-profit world it is common knowledge that it is easier to better management monies than it is to raise funds.

      • Steve, Thank you so much for all you do for cpp. If a fund ever does get started please let me know. I would be more than willing to donate to it to try and stop these a$$holes. We need to do something. I could not live with this much pain and lose my medication. Thank you again, blessings ~

      • Steve,
        I also wanted to thank you for all you do for us cpp folks. I also am more that willing to donate to a fund whose purpose is to defend the rights of cpp to proper medical treatment.

        I am learning via my personal experience that it is currently impossible to stop a pain clinic from arbitrarily cutting ones pain medications (even for a palliative care patient such as myself) that will cause loss of function and other adverse effects. My meds are being cut 80% and I have tried to stop it since Jan. 2019 with letters to congressional reps, state government offices, the FDA, HHS, my state’s Human Rights Commission, etc. I am also willing to pay a lawyer to defend me, but cannot find one to accept my case. Most of the excuses are based on the statement, ‘We do not have the authority to interfere in decisions made by your medical facility”. My pain clinic apparently can cut my meds with impunity and for no medical reason without having to be concerned about any legal action/repercussions by the patient because there (apparently) is none available.

        Regarding who might be able to set up a legal defense fund, I joined CIAAG some time ago and have been impressed with their ability to organize and present the facts regarding the supposed “opioid crisis”. I wonder if CIAAG would consider setting up/organizating up a legal defense fund?

        • CIAAG has NOT been transparent with money t hey have gotten donated so many CPP’s will not donate to them

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