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This was made as a comment  to this post  on my blog  and IMO does not deserve to be left where it might be missed…

I counted the word “UNETHICAL” FOUR TIMES

While I am not a pharmacist, I was a Certified Tech at CVS for nearly 2 years. I was fired for trying to take care of one of our ‘regular’ customers who was pissed off at the floating pharmacist for saying something he should have never said to her, or anybody for that matter. This customer got her controls weekly because she couldn’t afford a whole month at a time. We had no issue with her filling them this way because we knew that she was taking them as she was supposed to. Her psych meds were less expensive so she filled them monthly.
When she called in to see what day she needed to get her controls filled, the pharmacist treated her like a criminal and said to her, “Well, if you’ve lost them, I could send the drug police to your house to help you look for them.” I knew who he was talking to and my eyes immediately got big as saucers and I started waving at him silently and mouthing “no, no, no!” She ended up calling back 4 different times in the next hour, pissed as hell about what he said. I happened to field the call all 4 times, and covered his ass, telling her he was just playing, but yes, it was inappropriate for him to say that, even in jest. She threatened to call our Pharmacy DM. It was 8:30 at night, and he had just had a new baby. I asked her to please wait and call him in the morning. Asked her to sleep on it. (mainly because I knew she would calm down before then.) When I told the pharmacist I was going to email our Pharmacy DM to let him know what was going on, he begged me not to. So I didn’t. In hindsight, I probably should have.
Who lost their job? me
Who didn’t? Floater pharmacist that was a dick.
Although the way I was fired was really bad, I am happier and healthier than I was the two years I worked there. It’s amazing how you lose your job and your stress level goes down…

As always there are three sides to every story… yours… mine… and the truth…

But this side of this story is pretty disturbing… but considering the chain that is involved… there seems to me more and more disturbing stories coming out.. makes one wonder how many similar or worse stories .. are not seeing the light of day.. because the employee is in fear of their job.


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  1. I’ve been on pain meds for a genetic disorder for six years now. About 2 years ago a friend came to visit who was going through a lot of health problems which had driven her to using illegal drugs to help manage them. In a momentary lapse of judgement I let her see where I kept my pain meds, and when she left for home they went with her. I’m not mad at her, she was in a lot of pain and no doctor was listening to her. I don’t blame her. I’m very lucky I have a great pain doctor. Anyway, I called my doctor and told him what happened and as I have NEVER replaced my prescription before he didn’t mind doing so. He even called the pharmacy to let them know so I wouldn’t get in trouble for filling early.

    When I got to the pharmacy the tech, she was new, began yelling at me telling me she refused to fill my prescription without a police report saying my meds were actually stolen. I had never had anyone treat me with such disdain and contempt before. I instantly felt incredibly small, and embarrassed. I had no reason to be embarrassed, but she immediately kept to me being a drug abuser rather than “shit happens, and once every 6 years is not frequent enough to cause concern to that degree”.

    I just found out my pain clinic is getting shut down. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.

  2. I am missing what exactly were their grounds for firing?

  3. When ive floated, I depend on the home techs to let me know of any special situations like the one above. I may be filling in but Im also trying to maintain consistancy and im one that hates to leave a bunch of unfinished business for the next day.

    • When I use to temp.. I had three Cardinal rules.. that I shared with the techs at the start of the day… we make no med errors, we piss no one off enough to go postal and we leave the counter clean when we leave at the end of the day. Never had anyone to disagree !

  4. Walgreens is worse!! They certainly don’t care about their patients!! I am so sorry what happened to this person and I know how it feels! I too worked in the medical field and took up for a patient because the office manager was so mean to the elderly person and I also lost my job because of it! The pharmacies are getting worse and I know they deal with a lot of drug addicts but there needs to be something put in place for us that need the medication, take it as directed and don’t get labeled as such! Tired of going to pharmacies and mostly the biggest chains, getting treated worse than the devil himself! It is degrading and down right embarrassing! We go through enough hell as it is with the chronic pain!

  5. I live in east central Indiana and the Ladies who are the Pharmacists at my local CVS are fantastic. I am a 16 year survivor of Intractable Pain and suffered a TBI four years ago. I get confused and never have I been mistreated, insulted or embarrassed in any way by any of the employees. I consider them to be an important part of my medical team!

  6. Cvs does not care about customer like me or who they hire. Hoping you have legal recourse for them. Thank you for looking after the poor patient.

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