could this may be our window of opportunity ? Doc Shortage May Be Smaller Than Projected From the article: By working in practices of two or three doctors while shifting as little as 20% of patients to a non-physician provider and using an EHR, “most if not all of the projected primary care physician shortage could be eliminated,” according to an analysis of […]

So you think centralized electronic medical records were a good thing ? List of executive actions Obama plans to take as part of anti-gun violence plan 2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system. 16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking […]

As a patient – this scares the hell out of me ! As those who read this blog routinely… you know that I am semi-retired and on Medicare.. so I am at the mercy of the FEDS. As a RPH.. this concept concerns me for our profession… There is a whole lot of talk about “quality care”… but who determines what is the adequate level of […]

Would you believe ?

Could this be the way that corporate pharmacy settles med errors… “cone of silence” ? For you “youngins” … back in the 60’s there was a TV show called GET SMART This is in the era of the first JAMES BOND movies.. Actually this show was on for five seasons.. Agent 86 ( Maxwell […]

What do you mean you are out of flu shots ?


Could this be the prototype for the new CVS pharmacy program ?

You know.. when you think about it.. there are seldom any really new ideas at retail… most “new” programs are just a “new twist” on what someone else is doing in your industry or another industry. Is would seems that “metrics” have existed before there was computers to track them. As Yogi Berra said …”deja […]

Nothing to get your ass moving after most of the damage has already been done In Fight for Safe Compounding, a Salvo From NABP from the article: “We’re moving full bore ahead,” Carmen Catizone, MS, RPh, DPh, the executive director of the association, told Pharmacy Practice News. “The response from the states has been incredible. They’ve said, ‘This is an issue we own and we’re going to move quickly […]

How long before someone tries to rob this pharmacy again ? From the article: An attempt to rob a Madera pharmacy of cough medicine Tuesday night ignited a short but deadly gunfight between a gang member and a store owner who is a competitive pistol shooter. Police Chief Steve Frazier said Thursday that it appeared the store owner, Bryan Lee, had little choice but to […]

Word on the street

Did you know that CVS does on line surveys of customers… and they had been using a IVR system but found out that their customers tended to only pick 1 or 5 and not any numbers in between.. so they are moving to a internet based survey… Apparently their customer base.. cannot listen well and […]

Acknowledging expertise or demonstrate laziness or insecurity ?

There is one petition on seeking for Pharmacists to be recognized as provider/practitioner There is another one on…acies/jFrm3QNH To the best of my knowledge there is only one state’s Medicaid dept (Minn) that actually does recognize Pharmacists as a practitioner It is my understanding that Indiana Pharmacist Alliance is going to […]

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