Yes there is a connection… per the DEA… we have caused the increase use of Heroin – FOX6 WBRC Birmingham, AL

DEA agent says Alabamians should be outraged by deaths from drug overdoses
MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) – On Wednesday in Montgomery, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, George Beck, called a meeting to discuss the abuse of heroin, spice and prescription drugs and how to combat the problem.

Beck said parents have to take steps to look after their children.

“Today we are going to face what I call the quick kill, the quick death. We have an epidemic throughout the United States. We have it throughout Alabama,” Beck said.

Heroin abuse is a huge concern for Jefferson County. In 2014, the DEA reported more than 200 deaths from heroin and prescription drug overdoses.

Jefferson County Public Health Director Dr. Mark Wilson says many drug uses moved from prescription drug abuse to heroin.

“Yes there is a connection. Many people used to be addicted to prescription drugs and uses the supply has gotten tighter. Heron has come into the market cheaper,” Wilson said.

Wilson says they are teaming with education and health groups to fight heroin deaths.

DEA Special Assistant Agent in Charge Clay Morris says the growing number of heroin, spice and prescription pill deaths should be considered an outrage.

“If we had 200 people killed by carjackers or armed robbers or burglars in our communities we would be up in arms. Here we are talking about silent killers,” Morris said.

The head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) says this threat will get worse.

“It will spread across the state. In Montgomery and Mobile not as bad as in Birmingham. We are starting to see it. It will get that bad,” Spencer Collier said.

In their last report, the Alabama Department of Public health said nearly 500 people were seen at hospitals from March 15 to April 20 after using spice. Two of those people have died.

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  1. Up in arms? What a POS***. How can these clowns give presentations like this with a straight face? Wake up Americans. What we should be up in arms about Mr DEA agent is doing away with your useless bloated corrupt agency.
    Gee, those Taliban sure are crafty aren’t they? They can grow the poppies right next to Marine compounds, drain the opium, collect all of it at centralized locations, convert it into heroin, then transport it past DEA, CIA, the US military, and Afghan drug enforcement agents and then deliver it, thousands of miles across waters patrolled by the US Navy and the Coast Guard, then past Customs /Boarder Patrol/ DEA/State and local law enforcement/ etc right onto the back porches all across the good state of Alabama. How do you like them apples?Wish we could figure out a way to stop those guys.

    Pardon me but Afghanistan does’t even have a transportation system outside of Kabul with more than one paved road. Doesn’t it EVER give one pause to stop and think about the improbability of all this?
    Kinda makes you go hmmmmm……………………………………………….

  2. Again, law enforcement need to crack down on the buyers and seller. Most people in most towns can tell you were the drug houses are. (My town no exception) people like me report it to police. Still years later the operations are still up and running. The activity is blatant, and the enforcement is minimal. Law enforcement passes blame instead of doing their jobs. Now I see people on pain support group pages talking about using Kratom for their pain because they cannot get their prescriptions. (not legal in all states and not regulated). I am now waiting to see news stories regarding the medical effects of this.

    • NLA, allow me to speak frankly. People like yourself are a big part of the problem. ‘Calling the law’ aint the answer.

      I dont suspect anyone likes crack houses in their neighborhood but ‘cracking down’ just doesn’t work. This approach has been proven the world over for more a hundred years. It’s simple supply and demand. Add to that the immense profits to be gained by the drugs illegal status, and you can all but guarantee that those arrested will be replaced almost immediately by someone w/out a job (whole other reason for the ‘drug war’). Law enforcement must get a real kick when you call in your ‘tips’. In case you didn’t know this, in the US, we ALREADY LOCK UP A HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF OUR POPULATION THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND YOU WANT THEM TO DO THEIR JOBs AND CRACK DOWN?!?

      Don’t be so naive.

  3. “…heroin, spice and prescription drugs…”

    All these drugs are connected to the drug war and the DEA. So why is the DEA complaining about the problems it created?

    “If we had 200 people killed by carjackers or armed robbers or burglars in our communities we would be up in arms. Here we are talking about silent killers,” Morris said.

    Alabama suicides:

    2008: 603
    2009: 667
    2011: 640

    In Alabama, 72 percent of people who committed suicide in 2009 used guns, the Alabama Center for Health Statistics reported. Nationwide, about 50 percent of the people committing suicide use guns, according to the CDC…

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