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  1. This is a sad state of affairs. We are currently witnessing the breakdown of medicine and the “doctor-patient relationship”. Who can help us?

  2. It is a fact every eight weeks after a urinalysis and pill count, I get weighed, blood pressure checked ( which has to now be further treated with more hypertension medication because of increased pain) I am seated in the consultation/examination room but…..the doctor does not want to hear how life continues to worsen because that is ALL he hears daily so I try to be nice and generally speak how life is now “tough” without telling him it is almost impossible to survive. He listens, checks my reflexes because of my terrible spine condition after several back surgeries which takes about 3 minutes and then the rest of the time he spends on his computer. NOTHING changes, his work load has worsened and patients are struggling and worst case scenario, taking their own lives. Little light at the end of the tunnel. I will continue to rise he$$ to the state medical board, my representatives in DC who are being ill advised and remain a prisoner in my home. When our physicians are “watched” to the point of insanity for one little discretion and the DEA continues to offer monetary incentives to take down any physician that they deem a drug dealer (or easy target) we are all in trouble if you have intractable pin. The 2016 CDC “guideline” effectively ended my ability to remain active to the point that my wife and I, 40 years married yet still 58 years young have lost everything we worked together for in our lifetime including our home. I suppose the “opioid crisis” was the cause of losing it all. Rediculous. I HAVE 23 years of documentation of beneficial use of opiate medication in excess of 90 mme but…..who cares? Certainly not the mislead health agencies.

    • This “fake” Opioid Crisis continues to upend lives w/o the reality of what should BE the true CRISIS…Illegal drugs, mainly Fentanyl analogs, being sold OUTSIDE healthcare facilities. Fentenyl analogs are OPIATES, as is heroin and OTHER prescription medications. Blaming healthcare providers and PATIENTS for the statistics that are stated and written by media and private ”’stakeholders’ is simply wrong. The CDC, DEA, PROP etc…are promoting false narrative and skewed statistics. Crimes against Humanity are being commited over and over with guilt-free ignorance. People are suffering needlessly…give us (we the people) back our Legal opiate medications.

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