Why you can’t really trust any particular politician nor political party

Ron and I were at Butler U around the same time and we each had our own independent pharmacies in adjacent cities in southern Indiana.  Indiana is typically a <R> dominated state. Currently our legislature has a <R> majority and our Governor is <R> and Ron is/was in his  third term <R> Senator.  Ron’s District was a rather small district – 46 I think – and it can be politically PURPLE.. and Ron had already announced – earlier this year –  that he was not going to run for a 4th term in 2022…  I  guess that the <R> party does not have a “strong candidate” for the 46th district, so they elected to take it “out of action”  I guess that this shows that within any particular political party… politicians really can’t count on their colleagues in their own party. – NOT TO STAB THEM IN THE BACK… Perhaps the particular party it is more about what the opinion of what is good for the party and not what is good for a particular colleague and/or the constituents that they represent in a particular district.

Southern Indiana lawmaker quitting after split over GOP redistricting


Ron Grooms was the only Republican senator to vote against the new GOP-drawn election district maps and decided to resign with a year left in his term.

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ky. — A southern Indiana legislator who was the only Republican senator to vote against the new GOP-drawn election district maps has decided to resign with a year left in his term.

Republican Sen. Ron Grooms of Jeffersonville had said in June that he wouldn’t seek reelection next year to the Senate seat he first won in 2010, but he announced Thursday he would step down from office effective Tuesday.

Grooms’ decision comes after final approval earlier this month of the Republican redistricting plan that eliminated his district that included Jeffersonville and New Albany by splitting the two cities between other GOP-controlled districts. Grooms joined all Senate Democrats in voting against the redistricting bill.

Grooms, a retired pharmacist, didn’t mention the district elimination in his resignation announcement, saying he looked forward to spending more time with his family and pursuing new opportunities.

A caucus of Republican precinct committee members from his current district will select a replacement for the 2022 legislative session.

Grooms’ resignation follows that of Democratic Sen. Karen Tallian of Ogden Dunes, who said she decided to leave her seat in frustration over iron-fisted Republican control of the Legislature. A Democratic caucus last week elected Rodney Pol Jr., an attorney from Chesterton, to fill the northwestern Indiana seat.

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  1. ALL Man Rule fails. We were created. We can only profit ALONG with HIM. …’User’s Manual’, etc…

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