Who/what does AARP really represent ?

It is estimated by AARP that 45% of the US population will be 50+.. that is some 140 million of us in the US. The last baby boomer will be turning 50 by the end of 2014.  Of the original 76 million baby boomers born in this country between 1946 and 1964 .. a estimated 67 million are still alive.. This is the generation that didn’t trust anyone over 30 and they are now themselves over 50.

Of the 100 odd million chronic pain suffers.. a good chunk of the people that AARP claims to represents .. have to be chronic pain pts.. pain tends to be a function of aging.. but.. not necessarily so.

I recently posted this on my blog

Let’s get AARP on the stick !

Over the last few months.. I have reached out to the person over the AARP office in Indiana.. left voice mail and  sent email

I have also reached out to the President of AARP at the national level..  asking them to address all the poor/under treatment of chronic pain..

I also submit the same to their committee deciding where the policy of AARP should go in the future.. something that they asked for in one of their publications..

To date.. response from all of these attempts to connect with someone within AARP … NOTHING !

Does this mean that AARP has little interest in the way that our system is treating or mis-treating half or more of the people they claim to be representing ?

This does not appear to be a small minority of those within the population that they profess to be a watch dog for.. I realize that the token dues that AARP charges for membership could no way pay for the operation of the entire system…but.. are they conflicts with those who are donating or paying to use AARP’s name with what they claim is their primary mission statement ?


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  1. Hi Steve,
    AARP did a negative chronic pain article about 6 or 8 months ago. I read it in the magazine they mail out to us. It angered me so much that I went on their website, found the article and left a comment to them and had my group members go over there do the same. I had the article posted on the group at that time.
    I told AARP they really disappointed me especially with baby boomers aging right now at such a rate. I told them they are going to lose supporters if they don’t start trying to help this situation.
    I agree with you. I feel that as many people we can get should call or contact them the best possible way and get them to stand up for what are really about and that is seniors. many of their supporters have chronic pain and need medication to manage it.
    So why don’t we create something to use to contact them with and get everyone to speak out to them?
    I am not happy with their article and if that is what they really feel about pain medicine? Then, We need to say something more.

    Perhaps you might be able to find this article from back then? I wish we could.

  2. They’re more a political PAC than anything else now..IMHO

  3. I have been a member until a few years ago when husband disagreed with political policies. I will join if they answer you. We just need to make you more famous.

    • I am not doing this for me.. I have my wife in a solid pain management position.. IMO there are way too many pharmacists “abusing” chronic pain pts and they are arrogant enough – or too trusting in what their corporate employers are telling them to do and/or believe hook/line/sinker what their ivy tower professors told them. They have a lot of “book smarts” but little/no hands on experience with chronic pain… they are very bright people… but when it comes to chronic pain management .. pretty much clueless ! Unfortunately, when those in the chronic pain community start filing complaints .. they are going to get a new education from the school of hard knocks.. don’t forget to consider filing a ADA discrimination claim as well

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