WHO KNEW in 2021: FDA had a TWO DAY VIRTUAL SEMINAR ON Morphine Milligram Equivalents: Current Applications and Knowledge Gaps, Research Opportunities, and Future Directions



There is a BOAT LOAD of PDF’s in this hyperlink…  since this was a two day virtual seminar… it might take someone a couple of days to try and digest all this information.


Here is a link to a one of my blog posts that includes a what is basically the genealogy of the MME system and how it has no science nor double blind clinical studies behind it to support this clinical conclusions… and MAY only have some minor applications to pts dealing with acute/decreasing post-op pain… BUT … HAS NO VALID APPLICATION TO CHRONIC PAIN THERAPY

Was/is the CDC 2016 guidelines built on a “false foundation ” and created a covert genocide on a protect class of people ?

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  1. Just the title alone would seem to infer that they’re fully aware they lack knowledge, insight and sound scientific basis for using MME caps against us, yet here they are doing it anyway. All while seemingly trying to equip themselves with some sort of education post institution of these purportedly “evidence backed” actions they’ve taken. Nah, I’d say it looks more like trying to cover an exposed rear end. What’s more is it very much appears they’re wanting to try ride that poor dead horse even further. Someone should inform them that we already know the punchline and that the joke is stupidly unfunny so maybe they’ll quit trying to tell it.

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