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  1. So the on-site test kit failed. what a surprise…bet those tests are still being used!

  2. Probably more of the “Policing For Profit” cops who were so excited about doing a drug bust to get a bonus in their pay checks that they ignore the obvious facts.

  3. Seems this is taken down too????!!!!

    • I am not trying to look for facts..I try to point out that most of the media is no longer or interested in reporting the news, but commentators imposing as news reporters and “reporting” theirs or someone else’s opinion as FACTS/NEWS.

    • If you are using FIREFOX… sometimes it will not play some embedded codes… click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the page

  4. Just another in the many of a bust gone wrong These “wanna be cops” just gave “good cops” a bad name. It just goes to show if they want to get you on something your screwed EX: fake drug test they gave him! Im glad he sued and received something.I wouldnt have settled until charge was removed from my record and if anything note of apology stating cops were to stupid to tell difference from doughnut glaze and meth 🙂

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