When healthcare providers end up really being healthcare deniers

I got the email below on Jan 1, 2024.  This pt’s story is not a unique issue. Another example of bureaucrats and politicians attempting to “solve” our fabricated opioid crisis by creating a “one size fits all” on pain management.

After having this blog for 12-13 yrs, I have developed a fairly sizeable network of chronic pain pts, chronic pain advocates, and numerous healthcare practitioners.  I shared this woman’s email with a couple of select people that I believed might be able to STEP UP. And one did:

When a pt’s long term medical records mean nothing when seeing a new practitioner

When everything seemed to start to fall into place for this young lady. This young lady’s pharmacist and the mid-level practitioner who was forcing her to reduce her pain meds had to step in to make sure that things were not going to change the way that this mid-level practitioner wanted things to happen. Here is a video this young lady sent that she personally explains what has happened.

Hi Steve,

I have sent you my story before. I am a single disabled palliative care sick patient in Maine. In September of 2021, my doctor and I were targeted by the assistant attorney general, Michael Miller. We think it was for 2 reasons-he was very effective at getting patients disability, testings, procedures, equipment, etc and because I require a high dose of opiates to physically and mentally function. Dr. Lommler believes Michael Miller made a deal with the insurance companies and profited somehow for taking him out. Michael Miller used at least 2 agencies to target, harass, and destroy us. They suspended Dr. Lommler’s license for going over the 100 MME limit on my prescription. However, Maine has a palliative care exemption that allows people (like me) to have access to opiates for pain control and disease treatment options. It also allows us to go over the 100 MME limit. They refused to lift the suspension unless he transferred to a “board approved” facility. He chose to retire because he wanted to stay at his independent office with his 200 complicated and unique patients. They gave neither one of us any due-process! They used backdoor methods and I believe they were illegal! There was a covering LNP seeing me for a year. We tried to find a doctor everywhere in Maine to see me but because of the Opiate Task Force and doctors getting red-flagged for going over the 100 MME limit and being dragged in front of the board, no one would see me. I was forced to transition to the hospital where all of my specialists are. You see, Maine and New Hampshire were the 2 states prescribing the most Opiates so they created a New England Opiate Task Force and sent them to work with the Governor Mill’s administration to red-flag doctors prescribing over the 100 MME limit and drag them in front of the board of medicine! They have forced independent providers to either retire or transfer to a “board approved” facility. These “board approved” facilities all have anti-opiate one-size-fits-all policies. The hospital that I am at has an anti-opiate provider masquerading as a “pain specialist.” She believes Opiates are life threatening and dangerous to everyone. She is force tapering me off all my pain medication! I am complicated and unique-I have multiple health conditions. I had an original medical nightmare that left me with life altering physical deformities and severe debilitating pain. I have Crohn’s disease, vitamin and bone deficiencies, and neuropathy-all of these cause malabsorption so I have to take double doses of all of my medication! I cannot have the conventional pain management treatments because I am allergic to everything and sensitive to anything and I have a prosthetic heart valve. I have Scoliosis and severe Osteoporosis with dangerously low Scores. I am 46 in an 86 year old’s body.
They are stereotyping anyone on opiates as addicts and forcing them off pain medication. The only option they give you is Suboxone-I cannot take this because the side effects would be catastrophic to my body. I had nothing but recovery and progress with my 8 1/2 year stable pain regimen. I was able to semi function independently with a decent quality of life. Since this provider has been force tapering me, I can no longer function independently at all and I have zero quality of life! According to Maine’s own definition and standards, what this facility and provider are doing to me is disability abuse! I tried to contact patient services for an advocate but was told there wasn’t one. The woman I spoke with for 2 minutes, asked me what my concerns were. I explained to her what was happening to me. 2 days later I received a letter stating my concerns were forwarded to the Medical Director and Operations Manager and they agree with the provider force tapering me. They also said there was no medical justification for my pain medication. I filed a public accommodation discrimination complaint with the Maine’s Human Rights Commission but haven’t heard a word since intake months ago! The letter gave an 800 number to call if you disagreed with their decision. It was the board of licensure telling you to submit a complaint. I already filed a complaint with the board of medicine and nurses months ago. So, you have to go to the same people that are red-flagging and harassing doctors going over the 100 MME limit. I won’t hold my breath! These are the same people that asked Dr. Lommler how he didn’t know that I was taking half of my pain medication and selling the other half! Dr. Lommler provided them with 7 1/2 years worth of passed urine screens and passed frequent random pill counts! I wasn’t even allowed to attend or participate into the investigation into my opiate use-I could’ve answered that question myself-I have never misused my pain medication! In fact, I did everything that I was supposed to do! How in the world can I trust they will help me!
Since this provider has been forcing me off my pain medication, I have had sky high blood pressures-202/129, severe bloody noses, I have been discharged from aquatic therapy-which I needed to get into my Crow Walker boot, I am completely dependent on my sons, I have had to quit tutoring for supplemental income, I can no longer walk on my crutches so I am trapped in my wheelchair, and I cannot mentally or physically function! My counselor and former providers have tried talking with this provider but she refuses to listen because she knows best. I had to spend my Christmas in the ER and I am now watching my right leg and foot do exactly what my left leg and foot did in my original medical nightmare. When my body is in severe stress, my multiple conditions play off of one another and wreak havoc on my body. Last time, the severe stress was an allergic reaction to hardware (we didn’t know why at the time, it took years to figure it out). This time, it is force tapering my pain medication! This time, it’s the providers choice to force taper me because of her personal feelings about a medication! Medical providers are supposed to do what is in the best interest of the patient, not what is in the best interest of their personal feelings! I have cellulitis in my right leg and foot with ulcers everywhere! I maintain my left leg and foot with Cuban for compression. I tried to wrap my right leg and foot but it’s not used to being wrapped, and I get continuous Charley Horses. They are intolerable with all of my pain medication being taken away! I have severe PTSD and zero trust in doctors from my original medical nightmare! I never ever wanted to go back to that sick person trapped in a wheelchair, I thought I left it behind for ever! This time, I don’t have a heart valve to lose! I am petrified and profoundly devastated because I worked so hard for 8 1/2 years to recover and progress and now that has been destroyed! I see people helping doctors that have been arrested but what about people, like me, who have been targeted, harassed, discriminated against, and literally going through disability abuse-who tells our story and helps us?
My counselor gave me a brochure for adult protective services and she told me to call because what they are doing to me is discrimination and disability abuse. I called and the lady said there is no process for this situation. She told me that it does qualify but the only thing I can do is file a complaint with the board of medicine and nurses because they are the only entities that have authority and jurisdiction over medical providers. I told her that I already filed complaints but it will take months because they only meet one day a month! I told her my body won’t make it that long and I asked her, “what if I die in the meantime?” She said, “let’s hope it doesn’t come to that but good luck!” WHAT? It’s like a nightmare that I cannot wake up from! I have contacted every politician in Maine and asked for their help. Crickets…I requested assistance from Governor Mills but she doesn’t even think she has to answer to her constituents. I have reached out to every volunteer lawyer’s projects and disability rights groups but they all claim no to have the resources to help me. I have documented, taken pictures, recorded videos, screenshot messages from my portal between her and I, audio recorded my video appointments exposing her discrimination and disability abuse! I cannot find an attorney in Maine to help me. This provider only saw me one time in person! She never looked at any areas causing my pain, she’s not monitoring my vitals or everything that is happening to me, she doesn’t even have the correct MRI’s-she’s going by a 2008 one when I was a normal person and could walk on my own, and she’s retaliating against me for filing a complaint! I need help and I don’t know where or who to go to! I even have an appointment with cancer care, January 23rd. I have MGUS and the blood work markers and symptoms all point to it turning into Multiple Myeloma. I asked her to please pause the force taper until I can get into my appointment. She said, “Oxycodone will not cure Multiple Myeloma so the force taper will continue!” How cruel is that!
I was hoping that you may have some direction or advice to help me. If I knew how to file a civil lawsuit against the hospital and provider, I would do it myself. Since September of 2021, I have had to be my own advocate, case manager, and attorney!
I already missed about 6 years of my sons’ lives because of my original medical nightmare! I can do no physical activity without my pain medication! I really don’t think my body will make it through this force taper! Opiates are literally life saving for me! They knew that I wouldn’t be able to find another doctor to see me and Michael Miller and the board of medicine took 2 doctors from me! The provider force tapering me filed a complaint against the LNP that saw me for a year. In it, she said that she felt compelled because Kaye endangered my life by prescribing these life threatening and dangerous medications. She also accused me of bribing Kaye in her complaint. That is ludicrous-I have never bribed anyone! Kaye made it very clear in her response that no one forced or bribed her. She also made it clear that I was the only patient she ever prescribed narcotics for in her entire medical career! I have been accused of selling half of my pain medication and bribing doctors! I am a law abiding Mainer and American just trying to live my life!
Thank you for taking your time to read my email. You can reach me any time at xxx.xxx.xxxx

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  1. This is awful! The hell people are going through when so many studies prove these medications are safe and effective is disgusting. And that nobody is being held accountable for what this anti-opiate agenda and crusade against pain patients is doing to people’s lives is even worse! When will it end and facts be the driving force behind pain patient care?

    I will say that it’s a tad bit difficult to feel empathy for somebody who needs help while they’re attacking other people who need help, and I’m referencing in the video when she claims illegal migrants are getting free rent when not only does that have nothing to do with pain patients and is an entirely separate issue, and these are not mutually exclusive things, but the fact that it’s not illegal migrants, but actually LEGAL ones who are getting help makes it even more sad. If anybody is interested in the facts on this, here ya go: https://fox23maine.com/amp/news/local/the-maine-immigrant-housing-project-attacked-by-donald-trump-jr-explained

  2. it truly has become complete acceptance of torture in the healthcare setting,,,,jmo,,mw

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