What’s your story: pt leaving our country to find better pain management

Hi I’m Sam I’ve have RSD, chronic migraines pcos, TD, neuralgia.
After everything I’ve tried in my 21 years of chronic pain I decided to leave my country because of the cdc guidelines. My pharmacy of 16 years got raided for doing the right thing and continued to help us chronic pain patients out. My PM doctor was forced tapering me to nothing as I was withdrawaling with my toddler near me, they didn’t care that I had a little one to take care of.
So I made the toughest decision to move out of the country for better pain care and for my husband’s family’s help to watch our child. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t come with me and I probably won’t see him for a very long time because he needs to make the money to keep care of me in Guatemala because let’s face it, I’ll never get better but atleast I’ll have the quality of life since before the opioid crisis began. And I was able to get my anxiety medication back over here after 7 years because it was a benzodiazepine and im taking a pain medication on top of it and I’m not dying or in danger like the cdc states. I took that combination for years before the cdc stuck their noses where it didn’t belong.
This is the craziness we must face now, chronic pain patients moving out of our country for better pain care and leaving your loved ones behind?

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  1. I’ve been desperately wishing for years that I had any money to leave this stupid country. There are a number of options now, from Ecuador to Honduras to Portugal to several of the Scandinavian countries, I think. I don’t believe our idiots will ever admit that their “solutions” to the opioid “epidemic” are making it worse & killing CPPs, any more than Prohibition ended alcohol consumption (in fact, the US guv deliberately poisoned unknown thousands of people by putting poison, from methanol to other nasties, in products with ethanol that they knew people were drinking).

    I thought of myself as a patriot for a long time, but no more. A winning lottery ticket & I’m GONE.

  2. Shame we can not move the overlords in “authority”, of our pain management, millions of us, out of our………. country! 6 years have gone by since the “guideline” was offered to “help” physicians and patients and to lower the overdose count in the country because it was stated there was too much diversion, over prescribing of medication, doctor shopping, etc,
    Patients were force “tapered” with zero alternative for pain management other than opiate MEDICATION. MEDICATIONS prescribed in a customized MEDICATION and dosage as per each patients” needs without the dosage cap but, that would make too much sense. As far as the overdose count whether or not an opiate was the main cause of od or other substances involved, the death count has not been decreasing if that is the desired effect of the “guideline”. Rational thinking would be to reverse course but…..not with our “experts” who happen to be in “authority”. Millions of legitimate patients still continue to exist in constant pain all while the southern border flourishes with record amounts of illicit, deadly opioids making its way into the country. Easier to monitor and control the citizens of the USA than the cartels I suppose.

  3. Sam is not the only one I have heard of. I have a friend who moved to Portugal to receive adequate pain management. It’s pretty bad when an American has to relocate to receive care. It’s just wrong.

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