What Pharmacists are saying “on the web” about not filling controls..and.. why


We have been told directly per company policy and multiple emails that in cases where we refuse to fill controls we are to cite “professional judgment” and are absolutely not supposed to give any more details than that. We wouldn’t want to get sued for being ‘defamatory’ toward a prescriber, of course. This is mainly in situations where we feel the doctor is basically running a pill mill or has other unethical practices though. In general we try to explain dosing issues and the need to call an office when things seem legitimate”

“Was told by ohio board investigator that we cannot be specific with the patient as to why we are refusing. We can only tell them we are not comfortable filling the prescription, and that their doctor can call and discuss with us. He said that when we start explaining why we are refusing to fill it is deemed as “practicing medicine.”

“Our corporate guidelines prohibit us from being specific such as not to cause a customer service issue. Our state has made it a felony to discuss controlled database findings with patients but made it mandatory for both MD and RPh to utilize it…yet here we are. A script that shouldn’t be filled, but I can’t be truthful with the patient as to why…talk about an enthical conundrum…”

“one of the big chains has a refusal policy in place, but you’re not allowed to tell the patient specifically why you’re refusing it, as that would be “disclosing proprietary company information.” This definitely has patients leaving without an understanding of why it’s not being filled. I can’t tell you how much I would love to be able to say “Because your prescriber is a lying sleezeball and I don’t want my name on anything associated with him.”

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  1. Pharmacists are in a bind. In chain pharmacies they work as franchise owners and can be quietly fired at will. Large pharmacy chains like CVS are deliberately pressuring their franchise owners to deny all opioid prescriptions above the CDC’s unsupported and fraudulent “safety” threshold of 90 Morphine Milligram Equivalent per Day. However, unmentioned in this conundrum is the fact that over 1.65 million seniors have been maintained on dose levels exceeding this threshold, literally for YEARS without adverse outcomes.

    An excellent article in Pain Management outlines the trail of malfeasance, conspiracy, improper influence and financial self-interest which produced the CDC guidelines and which continues to promote them as mandatory standards for all doctors despite their original phrasing as voluntary guidelines primarily directed to general practitioners. See https://academic.oup.com/painmedicine/article/19/4/793/3583229

    • Pharmacists working for chains are nothing more than EMPLOYEES of the pharmacy corporation… yes they are in a bind… because the chain can put in place certain policies and procedures that dictate how the pharmacist is to practice pharmacy while at the same time if the chain is sued for what their pharmacist does or does not do.. the corporation can claim that the pharmacists is a “licensed healthcare professional” and the corporation has no legal right or authority over what they do or don’t do… much like a lot of prescribers that are now employees of a hospital corporation.
      I have been told that the chain pharmacies have indirect or covert policies and procedures that discourages their pharmacists from filling controlled prescriptions.

    • Mr Lawhern; isn’t it just utterly enraging that the hysteriacs simply refuse to take facts into account? Such as the millons of people who’ve been safely on same doses for years & years. Or the studies that show opioids are safe & effective. Or the studies that don’t show what the crusaders claim they show (Krebs springs to mind). Makes me crazy. I’m going to read the article you link to, & I’m sure it’s excellent, but suspect it’ll make me crazier…but that was guaranteed anyway, so what the heck. thanks in advance for the link.

  2. https://www.flrules.org/gateway/readFile.asp?sid=0&tid=16866377&type=1&file=64B16-27.831.doc
    In Florida, If a prescription is vetted as valid it is to be filled. If a RPh feels there is a potential danger or aberrant behavior of course they can exercise professional judgement. Florida law states in several areas that NO RPH, Pharmacy Permit Holders (the chains), No Person, shall interfere with that professional judgement.
    Pharmacists have a duty to be honest, truthful, and forthright with their patients. In speaking with the doctor and / or patient in the validation process per the law, they should not second guess the dose, mgs, frequency, dosage form else it is practicing medicine if refusing the RX after the Doctor validated as necessary. End of story. Fill it. Document, document, document and no wrongdoing can be determined.
    If the employer terminates for exercise of professional judgement they will liable for wrongful termination.
    Practice your profession. Do allow your profession to be degraded by overzealous policy making.

  3. Yikes Mr.Areins,,it looks like they have been reading some of your articles are someone sent in your articles about them practicing medicine w/out licences,to point out how corrupt ,”they ” have become!,,To be telling all pharmacist to not give us reason in fear of being charged w/practicing medicine,which is EXACTLLY WHAT THEIR DOIND!!!..This just proves it,,the corruption IS AS BAD AS WE THOUGHT IT IS!!!!,,,,,BUT,,, think about that for 1 minute,,,,there treating us like a animal,,a dog,,,,ie ,”Sit,,stay,,,and you’ll get your medicine ,,How f—- disrespectful,,WHICH IS WHY I DON’T TREAT MY DOG AS SUCH,,,,,,we are paying their saaries,,and we are suppose to just accept ,”NO” w/out questioning why?!!!!We are adults and have legal right to ask and receive the truth,,,,not, some collusionary tactics on my dime by our government to ,”EVINCED BY DESIGN,,BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,,, to bring us to absolute Despotism,,
    ‘ by not getting our medicine because of some pre-concieved plan by our governments racketeering, collusion w/the insurer or corporate pharma!!!WTH,,, how much more are they basically treating a American ADULT,, like a object,,that is not suppose to think,,just accept their yes or no w/out ??????WOW,,,,,,sorry,,,,BLIND OBEDIENCE went out w/HITLER!!!WHAT a bunch of arrogant,inhumane ,”things,”i don’t even conscider THEM another human,,,,unless they have the decency to treat us like human beings who have the legal right to ask,,”why” and get a truthful answer!!What a deceitful ,disrespectful,arrogant collusionary technique our pharma,,our government has done,,willfully,,,,wow,,Any lawyer would make millions off of a lawsuit against this collusion,,,idiots,,,maryw

  4. ‘I can’t tell you how much I would love to be able to say “Because your prescriber is a lying sleezeball and I don’t want my name on anything associated with him.”’
    charming. wonder if he/she’s referring to a specific, bad doc or to any doc that prescribes pain medication to anyone, b/c he/she just hates all pain meds…

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