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  1. psss,,,don’t get me wrong,,if u are a adult,and want to see a shrink,,your business,,not mine,,but the key word is ,”you want,,’free will,,”,the ,”freedom,” to choose,,,allll of that has been FORCIBLE taken from us by these forced guidelines,dea policing etc,,The freedom to choose the effective care for each individual body is gone,,,jmo,,from kolodmy prop,,policed by,sanction by our government,,,jmomaryw

    • I couldn’t agree more. Bring back PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!! Stop trying to save us from ourselves. We’re ADULTS and should have the decision on taking these “dangerous” and “addictive” MEDICATIONS.

      They’re NOT something new! Humanity has used these MEDICATIONS for thousands of years! They CAN’T stop addiction. As Pelosi said, when asked about the RIOTS of 2020, “people will do what they do!” THE ONLY TIME I EVER AGREED WITH HER. Try to take her booze away and see what happens

  2. This is one of the best descriptions I’ve ever seen of my existence. Friends are long gone for whatever reason, and it makes the mental aspects almost worse than the physical pain. I did physical labor in a factory for almost 30 years before having to go on disability and now can barely walk without the pain meds I had for almost 20 years makes it much worse. This is deeply distressing, knowing that I COULD still do things when I had adequate pain meds. Since losing everything, the deep depression sets in and nobody is around to bring me out of it. Since “co-prescribing” is not allowed anymore, they’ve taken away everything that made it tolerable.

    I hope we get our lives back soon but I don’t see it happening. I can’t believe THIS is the USA, but feared after the ACA was shoved down our throats, something like this would happen. I didn’t want to be right. Is there ANYONE out there that DOESN’T believe the “opioid epidemic” LIES?? This is a well thought out plan. They just needed the right president with no conscience to get the law passed, to destroy the lives of the “useless eaters.” Anyone that thinks it’s ONLY because of the CDC is fooling themselves. IF our Constitution still mattered, we’d have a chance. This is Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

  3. psss,,sorry gotta point this out..Its not just combing,forcible,,addiction,,look at what happen’d when they forcible combined the severely mentally ill w/the medically ill in those asylums!Kolodny was educated in the east coast,new york,,the birth place of asylums,my point it,,this archaic ideology of addiction he slither into our government was NOT to educate them,,it was to manipulate them into believing we are all addicts.Helll he said,it,and if he lannelled us all addicts,,then he believes,,their is no such thing as ,pancreatits,sickle cell,failed back surgery’s,medical erros,life long painful medical diseaes,or conditions.Kolodny stated,these a medical affliction DO NOT EXIST,,LONG TERM PHYSICALLY PAINFUL MEDICAL CONDITION DO NOT EXIST,, and that is what he sold/bribed via lobbying,sneaky closed door meeting etc, to everyone,and everyone believed it who was not physically ill,,,for the $$$$$,,If we don’t get the truth out,,that we do exist, we are not addicts,but the medically ill in physical pain from our medical conditions,,and deserve effective dose per individual ,thee essential MEDICINE opiates,,,think about this 1,,,,,it took 100 years,,to shut down all thee abusive asylums,,like Waverly,Pennhurst,,100 years,,of historic abuse,,,if our generation doesn’t get the truth out,,,no-one will,,,jmo,maryw

  4. U know,i said this to RESPECTFUL DOC,, who worked w/ pain ,”person’s,”.It was soo nice when we were allowed thee amount of medicine,ie,a effective dose,”of medicine to actually lower our physical pain from a medical issue to live/function like 80% of the population.When our medicine was viewed as the law states,a essential medicine when used for medical purposes.We could talk to our doctors freely,such as ,,,no Doc,that dose,this med isn’t worken,could we try this,,or something different.Now w/all this prejudicial hatred towatrds us,our MEDICINE, our Doc’s,basically the forced combining of addiction w/the medically ill in physical pain,,its ALLLLLL WORSE,,,ITS ALLLL HARMFUL,,,NOTHING GOOD,,HAS COME OUT OF ANDREW KOLODNY/PROP ,POLICED BY THE DEA SELF RITGHEOUS IDEOLOGY ENFORCED BY LAW,,THEE FORCED COMBINATION OF ADDICTION W/THE FIELD OF MEDICINE FOR THOSE IN PHYSICAL PAIN FROM THEIR MEDICAL ILLNESS.JMO,,THE FORCED COMBINIATION OF ADDICTION PSYCHAITRY W/PAIN MANAGEMENT,,HAS ONLY HARMED,TORTURE,TORTURED TO DEATH IN MANY CASES THE MEDICALLY ILL IN PHYSICAL PAIN FROM THEIR MEDICAL CONDITION,,,BUT IT HAS MADE BILLIONS OF $$$$$ IN BLOOD MONEY FOR THE ADDICTION SHRINKS OF THE LIKE /IDEOLOGYOF ANDREW KOLODNY,,,JMO,the forced combining of addiction w/the medically ill,,crossed a red line of inhumanity,that has not been crossed since the days after the civilwar,thus the invention of the Pennhurst,Waverly etc,,Again based on the lies of corrupt psychiatrist,,,It has recently been recognized/realized that many of those psychaitrist newly labelled,called ,”crazy,”during those times,were actually suffering lead poisening.Every bullet,every can they ate out of,was full of lead,but corrupt psychaitrist saw away to making alot of money,soo they labelled our soldiers crazy,,sound familier,,Again,,never should addiction be combined w/the medically ill in physical pain from their medical condition.This combination has proven to ONLY HARM,KILL,AND TORTURE THOSE IT IS FORCED UPON,,,maryw.

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