We have the best medical system in the world?

Our justice system takes prescribers to task when pts died from a drug overdose… whether it was accidental or a suicide..

Pharmacists are afraid of providing opiates to patients for fear of someone being addicted

Patients die all the time… why are healthcare professional not held to the same standard when pt died because they are non-compliant with their needed medication for their chronic conditions ?

If a healthcare professional is held responsible for a patient dying from a drug overdose.. why aren’t they held responsible for the patient dying for not taking their medications… Pharmacists would seem to be a the most responsible healthcare professional in their issue of non compliance and dying from a unmanaged disease state.

If we are responsible for pts taking more medication than prescribed.. why are we not responsible for pt not taking their medication ? Isn’t a PREMATURE DEATH the outcome for both ?

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  1. Wow!!!!! Healthcare providers should in no way be responsible if a patient does not take his medication as prescribed. No docs and pharmacists should be responsible for making sure a patient takes his meds. If you go so far as to hold them responsible, then you have just made another big step to the ‘nanny state’ . You are taking away an individuals right to live his life as he pleases.

  2. Many many years ago at my first pain clinic I had to see a psychiatrist to make sure I was not suicidal and that I was able to handle/manage a monthly supply of narcotics. I got the clearance and a diagnosis of anxiety disorder. I left with a 90 day supply of klonopin. 8 years later the state decided I could only have a 30 day supply and CVS decides that I can only get refills based on the hour that I picked it up the month before. No 3 day Grace period but drive 10 miles extra the next day.
    I have to agree with your logic. Not only are health care professionals at risk but so are the chronic pain patient because of those that do not follow the instructions. It boils down to the choices people make. Unfortunately there is usually no follow up on treatments or for medical care. Usually the only one to make the news are the ones that stop dialysis or chemotherapy. No one threatens
    those providers.

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