Woman arrested in KY for stealing from nursing home patient

Here is a interesting story… denying a chronic pain pts their legally prescribed medication is WANTON ABUSE/NEGLECT OF AN ADULT ?
PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) – An employee of a local nursing home was arrested after she admitted stealing pain medication from a patient.Anna Allen, 24, was arrested late Tuesday afternoon on indictments charging her with theft by unlawful taking and wanton abuse/neglect of an adult.

Det. John Tolliver, the Paducah Police Department’s prescription drug investigator, reported he was contacted by the facility manager after an employee brought concerns to her attention.

A patient told Tolliver that she became suspicious because her pain was not alleviated after Allen administered her pain medication.

She said she finally held her medicine and did not take it, and checked it after Allen had left the room.

The patient said she found her pain medication had been replaced by another medication.

The patient told another employee of the nursing home what had happened, and the facility manager was informed.

Tolliver and Adult Protective Services representatives then were contacted.

Tolliver presented his investigation to a McCracken County grand jury, which returned the indictments listed above.

During an interview Tuesday afternoon, Tolliver said, Allen admitted having stolen patients’ pain medications other times, as well.

She was arrested and booked into McCracken County Regional Jail.

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  1. This happens too often and goes unreported. Imagine the pts in facilities assisted or total care . Often these pts have few visitors and family. I am a retired CNA / HHA and certified phlebotomist. In many facilities I gave pts their meds. I had to take a class to give meds but its too easy for dishonest aides to steal from pts. There should be cameras in the medication room and other ways to over see pts adequate care.period. I saw a lot of neglect n aides doing the Jo for the money . Your heart has to be in it to really be a caretaker of those who cannot help themselves. I report what I saw. I did see very little done about it.

  2. This involves stealing the medication, not refusing to prescribe it.

    • This involves a healthcare professional failing to provide prescribed/necessary medications to a pt that has chronic pain. This person was doing more than just diverting controls.. and the reason for the charges against her as such.

      • I’m just saying that if we’re looking for a legal basis for pain patients against pharmacies and doctors who refuse to prescribe and fill certain medications, I’m not sure this one applies.

        • you have a great point about this not being prescribed. Now chronic pain pts. Have problems getting a legitimate prescription filled; however this has to do with neglect ( pt suffering) not getting what was prescribed. Taking away ones right to be treated for pain

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