Walgreens “secret checklist”

WTHR has obtained an internal document the nation’s largest drug store chain has been trying to keep secret. It reveals why Walgreens is now turning away some customers and refusing to fill their prescriptions.

via Walgreens “secret checklist”.

While the entire Walgreens’ Good Faith Dispensing Policy is idiotic and tries to make determination if a Rx/pt is valid or legit … down to some spreadsheet format..

Here is the weakest link in the entire process ;

Photocopy a valid government photo ID for the individual(s) dropping off and picking up each prescription

I dare anyone to be able to be 100% accurate that the ID presented is a VALID GOVERNMENT PHOTO ID..

with today’s technology.. a grade schooler can produce a fake ID good enough to fool most of us.  Just like everything else coming down from the E-suite of corporate pharmacy… they don’t get it.. and most likely.. they will NEVER GET IT.

I have a very smart fellow – about ten years my junior – working for me.. with a very broad  work history and he told me the other day that I am the first boss that he has ever had that was not a SALESMAN and really understands the nuts and bolts of how a business should operate on many fronts..

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  1. I’m shocked but not really shocked that pharmacists are following non pharmacist flowcharts … Could be called practicing pharmacy by nonpharmacists if anyone but each pharmacist uses his or her own judgment. On the other hand, some of the pharmacists I’ve worked with couldn’t get their mind around intellectual judgment if it hit them on the head. If it’s written, they fill it.

    I looked at the chart and I already do some of that, so…We’ll see

  2. Nothing is perfect Steve. At least Walgreens is attempting to put a stop to those people that frequent multiple pharmacies and Drs.
    If you look at the numbers.. every effort to decrease diversion of Rx drugs to the street.. the use of Heroin goes up in the area.. and the more legit pts get denied proper therapy.
    These people have some mental health issues and they are going to abuse some substance.. whatever is in vogue, most available, cheapest.
    Walgreens is just responding to threats from the DEA.. to get all of their RPH’s in line.. to do the job that they should do.. and probably most were doing.
    IMO.. the DEA is getting desperate.. we give them billions and billions.. and they are accomplishing very little .. if not loosing ground.. sooner or later… the bureaucrats are going to stop funding this war on drugs and go the same route they took with prohibition… tax the crap out of it and make it legal… a dozen or so states have already went that route with MJ.

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