WAGS got some explaining to do ?

Missouri Attorney General Accuses Walgreens Of Overcharging


From the article:

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Walgreen Co., accusing the nation’s largest pharmacy chain of overcharging customers and using deceptive display advertising and pricing schemes.

“My concern is this is not sloppiness – this is a business practice that is consciously intending to steal from sick people that go into Walgreens, from old people that go into Walgreens,” Koster said.

We all are aware of staff hours cutting in the Rx dept.. maybe the same thing is happening in the dept that is suppose to maintain the sale price database for the entire chain…   Or is this just a methodology to increase profits ???

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  1. Steve, it’s most likely an issue with one having to use loyalty card (Balance Rewards) to get sales price. Cashiers should have asked customers if they have a card. The ads and the sales signs are pretty specific about sale price (with card). Can it be misleading? Perhaps, but many retailers (not just pharmacy) use this approach to sale pricing.

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